Outings and Excursions

2018 True Light Joint-School MWS Toronto Language Camp

I want to talk about the best summer holiday I’ve had yet! It was my first trip to Canada and I was part of 4 different True Light schools.

We stayed at Victoria College which is a part of The University of Toronto and the campus there was really wonderful with a beautiful garden. Every morning we had lessons with international students from all over the world. I met peers from Brazil, Mexico and Korea and learnt so much from them. We did a lot of sightseeing as well. My most favourite spot was the CN Tower in Toronto.

Our counselor took us to watch a baseball competition of the Blue Jays who are the only ones who won the World Series in Canada.

We also went to Canada Wonderland. It was so much fun to play there. My favorite ride was the Riptide as it was very exciting and I went over it ten times and I was completely wet! I had many rides on a lot of roller coasters. It was interesting and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

We even made a music video by ourselves and took part in the MWS music award competition. Everyone dressed up and we all were in cheerful spirits during the event. That was my best summer spent in Toronto!!!

2C Keung Tsz Ching


2018 True Light Joint-School Summer Study Tour to UK

It was a wonderful experience for us to visit the UK. During our last summer holiday, we True Light girls from different True Light schools started our study trip to England. We had lessons and excursions there.

The most memorable thing for me is spending time with my host family. They were nice to everyone of us. To know some people we have never met before is very precious indeed. My host family were friendly and always took good care of me and my roommate. We spent our weekend to visit the Greenwich Park. We also went to their relatives’ homes to celebrate their cousin's birthday. My host Mrs. Blake and her daughter Liberty took us to Blue Water for shopping together. It was a really special and memorable time and I enjoyed it all!

Apart from my host family, we met our teachers at Townley Grammar School. We were given a lot of attention too. We went on excursions and also worked on our farewell performance together. It was a very precious time and I'm honored to have experienced them!

3A Rosanna Wu


This is the first time I have been to a country that isn’t in Asia. I really enjoyed my time in the UK. We had lessons in a school called Townley Grammar School and sometimes we took excursions, like visiting the British Museum, Westminster (a very famous church in the UK) and of course we did some great shopping in Convent Garden too! The best part was that we went to watch a musical called ‘Wicked’. After watching ‘Wicked’, a story about Galinda and Elphaba’s friendship, I was impressed by its setting, the lighting and the singing of the show. The actors and actresses could sing beautifully without even a microphone! I couldn’t keep my eyes off the stage, especially when Fiyero, Galinda’s lover made an appearance -- his performance was outstanding!

I also met a lot of friends from different True Light schools. We went to Brighton, which has a beautiful pier and we ate fish and chips for our lunch. Then we did some shopping and took a look at the beautiful views of the seaside.

My host family loved to take care of me and my buddy. We used to walk the dogs and do stuff together which will be in my memory forever. I feel thankful for their care and the delicious meals. I’ll always remember how they hugged me when it was my last day at their home.

If I have chance, I definitely want to revisit the UK. There are lots of differences between Hong Kong and the UK. The skies are open and you can always see a wide sky above your head. It was a really fantastic experience to learn English in the UK.   

3B Zita Lee


S6 Inter-school Oral Practice

On 8th November, 2016, S6 Teachers arranged an inter-school oral practice for all S6 students in order to offer them a precious opportunity to gear up their speaking skills in the public exam with the students from Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School and Lung Cheung Government Secondary School.

Our girls were able to discuss different social issues with the students from 2 other schools and conducted peer evaluation afterwards. Also, some of them were invited to the stage to answer individual response questions and received feedback from the teachers. They were all very grateful for the efforts the teachers from the 3 schools put in and found the experience extremely rewarding.

Students totally engaged in their discussions.

Students getting used to unfamiliar surroundings and doing their best.

The Individual response session – students getting individual attention and concrete feedback.

Oxbridge University Preparation Camp HK 2016

The annual Oxbridge University Preparation Camp was held from 1st to 5th August 2016 at St. Peter’s Secondary School.  Elite students from Oxford and Cambridge Universities teach students from seven schools in Southern District public speaking skills through various activities - drama, discussions, debates, lectures, etc. 

Best students from each class participate in the public speaking competition in the closing ceremony on the last day of the camp.

eng oxbridge_2

Moon Lam 6B represents her class in the 2016 Annual Oxbridge Public Speaking Competition.

Students receiving certificates of completing the camp.

Chilli Chan 6B (Middle) is one of the winners of the 2016 Annual Oxbridge Public Speaking Competition

eng oxbridge

Shanghai-Hong Kong Cultural Exchange and Debating Competition 2016

The 2016 Shanghai-Hong Kong Cultural Exchange and Debating competition was held from 2nd to 6th July in Shanghai.

True Light girls together with the peers from the four Hong Kong schools of the Southern District and the six Shanghai schools of the Putuo District had a chance to practise their language skills, develop their critical thinking and expand their knowledge of the world in this event.

eng shanghai_1

Express ourselves confidently on stage

eng shanghai_2

Led by Dr Ng, Ms Nalini and Mr Lo, True Light girls are ready to shine throughout the event, taken at the competition venue.

Student Reflections:

The Shanghai-Hong Kong Cultural Exchange and Debating Competition was a great experience for me. I learned a lot and I enhanced myself in different ways. At first, I was really worried and nervous because I was not very familiar with debating. I was not that interested as well but now I can properly use claims and rebuttals in a debate round. I learnt to convince people in an effective and polite way. I was able to cooperate with the other teammates. We dealt with all the problems together and became good friends. This programme allowed us to improve our skills and abilities in various respects.

5B Hannah Cheng

We paid a visit to Shanghai Gan Quan Middle School on the last day of our trip in Shanghai. The buildings there were magnificent since they combined traditional Chinese style and innovation as one so perfectly. We were all amazed at the fascinating student performances there like dancing and er hu. Besides, we were excited to meet our Shanghai debate buddies there once again. We kept chatting and sharing our own life experiences like old friends throughout our stay there.

We are grateful to have this treasurable opportunity to visit their school and hope we will meet them again next year in Hong Kong.

4B Jacqueline Kwok and 5B Kristal Lee

The debate held in Shanghai this summer was a brilliant learning experience. I went there as an ambassador and had the opportunity to attend the debating competitions, see the new development of Shanghai and interview the adjudicators. Mr. Thomes West was one of the adjudicators. During the interview, he taught me some techniques of a debate. For example, he pointed out that the fluency of my speech was the most important as this showed my confidence and made my speech more convincing! Besides, through the debates, I got an idea of how we should perform during a debate competition; and I acquired a lot of presentation skills! It was a worthwhile trip to participate in!

4D Judy Koo

Invitation to English Performance with Macau Pooi To Middle School

On 25 June, 2016, the School’s Performing Arts squad was honored to stage their Shakespearean Drama with Macau Pooi To Middle School in celebration of the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death. The squad, accompanied by our Principal Dr. Ng and teachers, showcased an extract of our 40th Anniversary’s musical - Shakespeare's Enchanting Escapades and two award-winning masterpieces in the 67th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival. Without question, the show was a success and highly praised by the Principal and teachers of Macau Pooi To Middle School, who accompanied ours and students to dinner and sight-seeing before seeing them off at the ferry pier that night.

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Summer Study Tours

To expand our students’ horizons, three summer study tours to England and Canada were organized from late July to mid-August in the previous academic year.

Through these various learning programmes, our students were provided with the opportunities to explore a different country with its unique people and culture so that they not only had a fun and exciting summer but also a meaningful, fruitful and life-changing learning experience.

Students’ Reflections:

2016 Student Leadership Training Program in Canada
Reflection by: 3A Linda Yang 3A Jody Lui

True Light Joint-School Summer Study Tour to the UK

Canada Culture and English Summer Camp 2016