Student Achievements


Overall debating champions in HKSSDC Grand Finals


After a year long of fierce matches against different schools in Hong Kong, Hong Kong True Light College has reaped unprecedented success in 2020-21 Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition (HKSSDC) with both our Junior and Senior English debating teams becoming the Champions in the 2020-21 HKSSDC Grand Finals.


In their Grand Finals taken place in July on the motion “elderly are better taken care of in nursing homes than living with their children”, led by their team coach Mr. Hedley, our Junior Team comprising all S3 students (3B Pang Kong Wa Chiara, 3A Fung Hiu Yu Denise and 3A Wong Yuet Ching Phoebe) defeated Pentecostal School as the negative house and became the Champion of 2020-21 Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition Junior (Div II) (HKI & KLN) Grand Finals. Our first speaker, Chiara Pang, was named as the Best Speaker in the contest. 

Team 2


Following their success, our Senior Team (5E Lam Ka Yin Tasha, 4E Chiu Wing Tung Toby and 4A Chan Jour Yain Anna) had their victory over Fanling Rhenish Church Secondary School as the affirmative house and was the Champion of 2020-21 Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition Senior (Div II) (HKI & NT) Grand Finals. Our second speaker, Toby Chiu, was named as the Best Speaker in the contest. 




This is a fantastic round-up of the year for our English debating teams. We look forward to another rewarding year ahead!



MI Young Writers Award 2021

MI Young Writers Award 2021 is an annual English writing competition that aims to foster and recognize excellence in English writing by providing students with the opportunity to develop their expressive talents and creativity. The topic of the senior section this year is a timely one that has affected all of us, “What is the impact of this global epidemic to you?” One of our S4 students, Coco Yuen Pui Pui, 4E, has her essay selected as Top 50 Merit Award in the competition (Senior) with her essay entitled “When one door shuts, another opens”. You can check out her winning essay in the link below: "When one door shuts, another opens" by Coco Yuen

When I received this topic and the relevant research articles from CNN magazine in the English lesson, I could immediately think of some bad impacts that the virus has brought to me, such as socially and academically. Then I reminded myself I should not only talk about the negative influences, as there is always a lesson to be taken in all experiences. So I tried to think about what the virus had taught me, like treasuring my time with family and friends. This competition is a chance for me to learn more because I have searched for some information about the virus on the Internet and articles. Finally, I feel grateful and surprised that I have won the Top 50 Merit Award. 

Coco Yuen Pui Pui, 4E


         Heading to the Grand Finals of HKSSDC


HKTLC Senior Debating Team I earned the ticket to HKSSDC Grand Finals after the victory in the Round 2 match. Team members include Nicole Chan, Anna Chan, Tina Cheung and Toby Chiu (from left to right) with their coaches Ms Tam (left) and Ms Yeung (right).

Despite the pandemic, our school Senior Debating Team I has had a busy year battling various schools in the territory over zoom debates. Our second round of debating competition in term 2 was on 13 May. Having participated in the debate as a speaker twice in term 1, this time, as the Chairperson, I earned the greatest spot to spectate the entire competition from an audience point of view. I can see our debaters making breakthroughs in their maturity and English proficiency, from being reticent in lessons to speaking confidently in the competition. Also, I was impressed by our well-trained debaters, who had done an exceptional job in anticipating opposition’s arguments and choosing rebuttals that were strongly supported by good research. Their solid research and evidence has impressed the adjudicator, who finally declared our team the winner against Pentecostal School on the motion about “Imposing carbon offset tax on the sales of airline tickets”. Their persuasion was just remarkable, and this victory has not only been rewarding to our team’s year-long effort, but also brought us to the first-ever HKSSDC Grand Finals, which we all look forward to. What’s more, our second speaker, Tina Cheung, was also named the best debater in the competition! This is surely a match to be remembered.

Nicole Chan Cheuk Yu, 4A



Anna Chan, Tina Cheung and Toby Chiu (from left to right) representing HKTLC Senior Debating Team I in HKSSDC Term 2 Round 2 Debating Competition



Debaters are trained with the proper use of camera, postures and gestures while debating online

unnamed (2)


Clashing the opposition with her successful rebuttals, Tina Cheung was named the best speaker of the competition


This was my second time joining the debating competition. As a more seasoned debater, I felt this certainly was a better experience compared to my first attempt. Being the second speaker, I had to rack my brains to select suitable rebuttals according to our team strategy in order to clash the opposition, which was the most challenging part in a debate, the part I had failed to do well before. Clenching my teeth, I listened intently with full attention. It was a fierce match but our team stood shoulder to shoulder. All of us put our heads together to come up with the best tactics at the spot. I am glad that our hard work didn’t go in vain and we won. To my greatest pride, I was also thrilled to be named the best speaker in the debating competition. It is a true honour to be a part of the debate team.

Tina Cheung Tin Nam, 4A


Third Time’s the Charm

Whereas this title normally means that it takes three times to succeed, our Form 3 debate team has claimed victory for the third time in a row. On the 17th March, a heated debate took place on the topic of megacities. Our team were to support the rise of cities with a population of over 10 million people. 3A Kary Ching kicked the team off, followed by 3B Chiara Pang, who claimed the prize as best speaker. Finally, 3A Denise Fung closed our team’s case with finesse and poise. Having worked for several months, the culmination of their effort amounted in a resounding success and a third win to put under their belt. Three victories in a row means our team will be proceeding to the Grand Final for the first time in True Light history. Let’s see if they can claim the last trophy.

C:\Users\ycm2c\Downloads\attachments (7)\IMG_5745.jpg

Form 3 Debate Team and the Team Coach Mr. Hedney

C:\Users\ycm2c\Downloads\attachments (7)\IMG_5741.jpg

Our debaters: (from right to left) 1st Speaker 3A Kary Ching; 2nd Speaker 3B Chiara Pang and 3rd Speaker 3A Denise Fung

C:\Users\ycm2c\Downloads\attachments (7)\IMG_5739.jpg

Our students worked as the Chairperson and Timekeeper for the competition

Champion in Debating (HKSSDC) 20-21


Being undefeated against different schools, Hong Kong True Light College English Debating Team 1 (senior) has finally been crowned as the champion of 2020-21 Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition (Div II) (Kowloon & HK) in Term 1. On 26 Feb 2021, the team, comprising all S4 students, including 4A Tina Cheung (the first speaker), 4A Anna Chan (the second speaker) and 4A Nicole Chan (the third speaker), spoke as the Negative House on the motion ‘the House supports the use of tiger parenting techniques’ against Tack Ching Girl’s Secondary School. The Finals match was intense and it was a neck-and-neck game. Eventually the adjudicator was more convinced by the solid evidence and research findings presented by our team and declared us the winner. 


Despite the pandemic that forces all debates to go online, it has been a fantastic year for our school with victories for all of our three teams (S1-2, S3, and S4-S5). The senior team (Team I) has concluded term 1 with the champion title; while the S3 junior team (Team II) has also secured their spot in the HKSSDC Finals, which will take place in term 2. We look forward to another exciting contest for Team II in their Finals!




English Debating Team I, Nicole Chan (4A), Tina Cheung (4A) and Anna Chan (4A)

with their coach, Ms Yeung, won in the Finals of Hong Kong Secondary School

Debating Competition (Kowloon & HK).


I can’t believe our team can do that well considering our little experience in debating! I appreciate my teammates much for all research efforts, practice and mock debates. It is a good experience for me to understand how important dealing with pressure is. I would like to give my huge gratitude to my teacher advisor, Ms Yeung, and my peers!


Nicole Chan, 4A





Online debating has been a new challenge for our debaters.





Debating is not only about speaking, but also research, attentive listening,

and teamwork.




Victory for Form Three

A team of 5 Form 3 students and their coach, Mr. Hedley, culminated several months of work in a debate competition on Wednesday 20th January. Having prepared their debate speeches and practiced rebuttals, the team competed against Immaculate Heart of Mary College. The True Light team argued that Hong Kong should implement a garbage tax by 2022, with fiery arguments about the inefficacy of recycling campaigns and the need for strong action to be taken to combat Hong Kong’s garbage problem. 3A student Chloe Li stepped forward as first speaker and delivered a passionate account of the garbage problem in Hong Kong and how well a garbage tax has worked in other countries. The opposition hit back with arguments about the injustice of charging poor people for the garbage they produced, but this was no match for second speaker Chiara Pang, from 3B. Chiara rebutted the argument with eloquence through suggestions of tax exemptions, before preparing her own argument. Though time became an important factor for Chiara, the True Light team was not penalised due to the debate being conducted online. Final speaker, from 3A, Denise Fung rebutted with riposte, summarised with skill and concluded with confidence, earning her the best speaker prize. The team, along with teammates 3A Kary Ching and 3A Ophelia Wong, who had been vital in researching and writing the debate speech, revelled in their victory after intense preparation. With a 2-0 win ratio, all that is left to see is whether the team can make it to the grand final. 


The Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition (HKSSDC) 2020-2021

Junior Team III - our second speaker, Precious Sit, was awarded the Best Speaker in the debate.

Following the victories of both the Senior English Debating Team I and Junior Team II, our Junior Team III defeated PLK Lee Shing Pik College in their second round of the HKSSDC debating competition on 2 December, 2020. As the Affirmative Team, we argued for the motion “Hong Kong should introduce a residential garbage tax by 2022”. It was the S2 students’ first time debating, and they did a wonderful job! Congratulations to our debaters: 2B Cheryl Li, 2B Precious Sit and 2B Chloe J MacCallum. Also, 2B Jane Chan acted as the Chairperson. They put forth a lot of effort to prepare for the competition, and our second speaker, Precious Sit, was awarded the Best Speaker in the debate.


I think this competition was a good experience for me and broadened my horizons. During the competition, I felt very anxious at first. When I read the script, my heart beat really fast and felt like it might explode. However, I was still able to deliver my arguments in a calm manner. While preparing for the competition, my team and I had a mock debate with the Senior Debating Team, and it really helped us to get better. Miss Yeung’s Senior Debating Team was really well-prepared, and it motivated us. Also, our second speaker, Precious, reminded me that we joined this competition to improve our speaking skills. Precious was right, so I kept working hard in this competition. At last, I want to thank my teammates and Miss Li who encouraged me to do better. Thank you!

2B Cheryl Li

This was such a unique debate competition experience for me because I think a minority of people will have an online debate competition from home (due to the current coronavirus situation). During the debate, the serious atmosphere made me feel nervous even though I was just the Chairperson! Before the debate competition, I finished my chairperson script quickly, so I had spent my time doing my best to help our debaters whenever they needed my help. Now, I'm looking forward to our next debate competition.

2B Jane Chan

Junior Team II - won in their first round of HKSSDC debating competition

Following the victory of the Senior English Debating Team I, our junior Team II comprising all S3 students has also won in their first round of HKSSDC debating competition on 6 November 2020 against PLK Wu Chung College on the same motion on “compulsory charity work” speaking as the negative house. Congratulations are to the debaters, 3A Kary Ching, 3A Denise Fung and 3A Ophelia Wong. Their confident and well-prepared speeches have impressed the adjudicator, in particular the 2nd speaker Denise Fung who was awarded the best speaker in the debate. Sincere thanks are also to Mr Hedley who has been committed to guiding and training our English Debating Team II.


I really enjoyed and was grateful for being a participant in that competition. During the debate, it was really nerve-racking but I’ve never been so calm at the same time. I worked day and night for half a week to write the script and also to do some research. I know I could’ve done better, but a wise man once said, ‘practice makes perfect.’ And to do that, I memorise by heart what the adjudicator commented on every competitor, then I’ve written them down, so that before every competition, I make a checklist. Finally, after the debate to see if I have met my standards. Again, I really enjoyed my experience and look forward to our next round of semi-final debate.

3B Chiara Pang

Senior Team I - Entering Finals

This has been a challenging but rewarding year for our English Debating teams. Despite a brand new arena on the online platform Zoom amid the raging Covid-19, our senior English Debating Team I has proudly strided into the HKSSDC Div II Finals after defeating CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School on 27 November 2020. We would like to congratulate Team I comprising all S4 girls, 4A Nicole Chan, 4A Anna Chan and 4E Yolanda Lam, on their victory for their exceptional performance. They spoke as the negative house on the motion about the introduction of the residential garbage tax. We are also grateful to the adjudicator and the opponents for staging this exciting match for us. We wish Team I all the best in their Finals competition.


This is the first time for me to try debating. All things were fresh for me. I want to thank all of my fellow teammates and a group of student researchers who helped us prepare the ideas, and also Miss Yeung for teaching and guiding us, without whom we won’t have such a successful victory. Owing to the COVID-19, we had the competition on Zoom which was a unique experience for myself too. I felt truly honored that I can represent the school to join the competition. The motion was “the house believes that Hong Kong should introduce a residential garbage tax by 2022” and we were the negative team. Three of us have worked together to bring out the team line that garbage tax does not have the prerequisites to be successful in Hong Kong. Despite all repeated practices and drilling on the speech and on the rebuttals, I was so nervous in the contest but luckily it turned out all well. We surely did our best and it was a memorable and meaningful event in my secondary school life.

4A Anna Chan

First victory with our Senior English debating team

Another exciting year has started for the Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition (HKSSDC). Our first contest took place on 14 October, but because of the coronavirus, it had been staged as an online debating competition, in which our True Light girls spoke as the Affirmative House against the opponents from Henrietta Secondary School. Our Senior English debating team, 5E Tasha Lam, 3B Chiara Pang and 5E Coco Keung, had led the school to our first victory with their impressive performance. 


I feel so glad to be an audience of such an unprecedented competition and I was amazed by the speakers who all did an awesome job. The motion of the debate was “All secondary school students should do compulsory charity work”, which was a meaningful and thought-provoking topic for students to talk about. I think our team demonstrated excellent skills in research, critical thinking and delivery. For example, they cited reference materials from various studies and South China Morning Post; and their persuasive tones delivered the arguments clearly and forcibly in a perfectly managed period of given time. True Light girls truly deserved the win and we are so proud of them! As a debater for the coming rounds, I feel so honoured and excited to be part of our school’s debating team. Learning from the senior team members, I hope to hone my debating skills and speak confidently in the upcoming match, gaining valuable experience from it. It would be my pleasure if our team can win the competition as our peers did in this competition.

4A Nicole Chan

The Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition 2019-2020 - Entering Finals

It has been an exceptionally encouraging year for our English Debating teams that both of our teams have made it to the Finals in HKSSDC 2019-20 Term 1. Congratulations are to our English Debating Team I, which has defeated the Concordia Lutheran School on the motion “The House would subsidise companies for the employment of ex-convicts" as the negative team on 7th November 2019. On the same day, the English Debating Team II, speaking as the affirmative team, has also won against the negative team from Henrietta Secondary School on the same motion.

We would like to thank the devoted debaters, Alice Fung (5B), Yoyo Siu (5B), Elizabeth Man (5B), and their team coach Ms Kayla Tam of the English Debating Team I; and congratulate our debaters, Tasha Lam (4E), Yan Vivian (5E) and Polly Chow (5E) and their team coach Ms Nalini of the English Debating Team II. We are also grateful to the adjudicator and the opponents for staging this fantastic debating with us.

HKTLC at Concordia

HKTLC vs Henrietta 1




The Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competitions 2019-2020

Congratulations are also to our English Debating Team I, who has gained another victory in the HKSSDC on 8 October against the Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School, speaking as the affirmative team.


We would like to thank the hard work and efforts paid by our debaters Yanmi Lau (5B), Ivy Yau (5B) and Judy Lau (5B), as well as their team coach Ms Kayla Tam. We are also grateful to the adjudicator and the opponents for staging this fantastic debating contest with us. 


Another year of fierce inter-school debating competitions has begun. Our English Debating Team II has kicked off the year with a victory against Aberdeen Technical School on the motion “Co-education at secondary school level is a good idea” on 26 September. Our congratulations are to our team with the debaters Hannah Leung (4A), Coco Keung (4E) led by the team captain Mary Ma (5A) and our team coach Ms Nalini.



Harvard Book Prize Award Ceremony



As one of the many winners for the Harvard book prize, I feel honored for being able to join such a grand ceremony with some of my fellow schoolmates in celebration of our achievements in the essay competition at Diocesan Boys’ School on 20 September.

In the competition, participants were required to write a book review on a selected book. This year, the Book Prize theme is “Born Digital = Disconnected?” The ceremony was glamorous and enjoyable as well. The guest speaker of the ceremony, Richard Chow, CEO of the charity ChickenSoup Foundation, talked about the ethics and morals of the use of the internet. He pointed out how teenagers are probably too used to posting things online, without realizing any of the consequences. He also explained how the essay was supposed to make the competitors be more aware of the issue. ‘Once you put something on the internet, you can never take it back.’ This was definitely the most memorable quote of the evening for me. The number of student participants from nearly 250 schools also shocked me as well. More than 700 students from local and international schools came for the ceremony that night and it was nice to see all of us getting recognized for our English ability.

I am so thankful to my English teachers for giving me a chance to join this great competition and for the time they spent advising me on my essays. If I were given a chance to join this once more, I would not hesitate to take that chance. I would definitely recommend other students to join this competition as well, if they wish to either express their opinions or to test their abilities in English writing.

Anna Wong (6B), the Winner of the Harvard Book Prize


That was a precious opportunity our teachers and the school gave us to peak into the global spectacle, where the competition essays were about our aim to study in the top school, and about the ethical and moral problems happening on the internet nowadays and how we can handle or reduce the impact. The presence of a teacher mentor working on my drafts within the weeks of preparation has been the greatest booster of my confidence in this high-sounding writing contest.

April Lee (6E), the Runner-up of the Harvard Book Prize

Hong Kong Primary and Secondary School English Writing Competition 2018-19

 English Writing Competition1819_1

English Writing Competition1819_2

1B Olivia Cheong was awarded merit in Most Creative Award

English Writing Competition1819_3

5B Wong Chin Chin Annaliza was awarded merit in the Best Writing Award

Our students are very interested in writing stories and expressing their ideas in environmental protection. They performed outstandingly in the Hong Kong Primary and Secondary School English Writing Competition 2018-19. S1 Cheong Yan Wai Olivia was awarded merit in the Most Creative Award and S5 Wong Chin Chin Annaliza was awarded merit in the Best Writing Award.

The Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competitions 2018-2019

Congratulations to our school English Debate Teams. They performed outstandingly and brilliantly this term. After the Final Competition taken place on 30th January 2019, one of our teams has won 1st Runner-up in 2018-19 Term 1 HKI & NT Division II Senior. The motion of the competition was Parents of children who commit crimes should also be penalised. Our students were the affirmative team and our debaters were CoCo Kam (5A), Christy Wong (5A) and Chloe Wong (5E). Their Team coach was Miss Kayla Tam.

1819Debating Competition

1819Debating Competition_2

Our debaters with the opposing team from STFA Tam Pak Yu College. The competition was really a golden opportunity for students to brush up their English speaking proficiency and critical thinking skills.

1819Debating Competition_3

Our Debate Team members with our Principal Dr. Ng and the Adjudicator of the Final Competition Miss Stephy Lo.

Before attending the Final Competition, the two Debate Teams of our school have won three debate competitions. One of the competitions took place in Aberdeen Technical School on 3rd December, 2018. The motion was Participation in team sports should be made compulsory for the Hong Kong secondary school. Our team represented the negative side and the debaters were CoCo Kam (5A), Christy Wong (5A) and Chloe Wong (5E). Their Team Coach was Miss Kayla Tam.

1819Debating Competition_4

Our teams won two more debate competitions in October. One of our debate teams took part in the Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competitions on 4th October at HKWMA Chu Shek Lun Secondary School. Our students were the negative team on the debate motion: Genetically Modified Food is beneficial. Our first speaker April Lee (5E), second speaker Victoria So (4B) and third speaker Sumi Yu (5B) performed outstandingly and won the competition.


On 5th October, three other True Light girls were the affirmative team on the same debate motion against the MCHK Wesley College. This time, our first speaker was Coco Kam (5A), our second speaker was Christy Wong (5A) and our third speaker was Chloe Wong (5E). They performed brilliantly and won the competition. Their team coach was Ms Yeung Ka Wai. Well done girls and thank you Ms Yeung for her efforts.

The 70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

Our True Light students performed outstandingly in the 70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival. One of our Drama Improvisation teams attained champion in the competition. The team members included Tasha Lam (3A), Grace Cheung (3A), Karen Poon (3A), Cherie Wong (3A), Unita Lui (3B), Esther Chan (3B), Candy Lee (3B) and Jasper Leung (3B). Their team coach is Miss Nalini.

1819eng_ school speech festival

Cheung Ka Lam from 3A, Cheung Tin Nam from 2A and Lam Yu Kwan from 2A have attained 3rd places in Solo Verse Competitions. Well done and congratulations!

1819eng_ school speech festival2

The 13th Speaking Contest for Hong Kong Students

Our S6 students have been working very hard to prepare for the coming HKDSE. They participated in the 13th Speaking Contest for Hong Kong Students organised by the University of Education and performed brilliantly. Two students including 6B Hazel Chan and 6B Po Shaiana have attained Level 5 while 6B Linda Yang has achieved Level 5*. They will be invited to the final round of the contest in mid-December at the EdU.

Speaking Contest

Hazel Chan and Shaiana Po with their English teacher Ms Yeung Ka Wai

HK Shanghai Debating Competition 2017

This year we celebrated our 14th year partnership between the six Shanghai schools from the Putuo district in Shanghai and the four schools from the HK Southern district in our annual debating competition and cultural exchange.  We, as the hosts, along with SKH Lui Ming Choi Secondary School, Pui Ying Secondary School and Aberdeen Technical Secondary School; welcomed our Shanghai counterparts with an energy, vigor and enthusiasm which totally matched the previous years and our students got a fantastic opportunity to not only learn outside the classroom but do so in the true spirit of learning to achieve marvelous results.  Hong Kong True Light College was declared the champion and took home the much coveted winning trophy!  It was therefore a mission well accomplished in all respects!  Kudos to our True Light girls!!

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-10 at 10.39.02

We were truly jubilant in our learning when we effortlessly picked up the 14th HK–Shanghai Debating Championship 2017!

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-10 at 10.39.22

Judy Koo and Michelle Yip were chosen as the Best Speakers in this prestigious competition – congratulations to our star students!


Student reporters killing two birds with one stone – interviewing and establishing friendships with the Shanghai students!

Our first speaker of Team 1, Ms. Hailey So, debating on the motion:” That Man should help save endangered species"

Our second speaker of Team 1, Ms. Jacqueline Kwok, debating on the motion:” That Man should help save endangered species"

Our third speaker of Team 1, Ms. Judy Koo, debating on the motion:” That Man should help save endangered species, while the research assistant, Ms. Cindy Chan looks on with a contented smile on a job well done!

Students have achieved DISCTINCTION AWARDS in English Builder for the September 2016 to May 2017 term. This is a proud achievement for our students as they have been recognised amongst all participating students in Hong Kong. 


Class Name  
2B Fung Ka Man EB Level 4
3A Chung Mei Suet Michelle EB Level 5

Students have achieved Top 1 to Top 3 rankings in English Builder for the September 2016 to May 2017 term, amongst all participants in our school. 


English Builder Level 2
Class Name  Rank
1B  Lau Yuen Ting 1
1C Ho Hui Yan  2
1A Lau Sin Yi 3
English Builder Level 3
Class Name  Rank
2B Lam Tsz Wan 1
2C Siu Yuen Ting 2
2B Yau Ka Yee 3
English Builder Level 4
Class Name  Rank
2B  Fung Ka Man 1
3A  Choi Yuen Ying 2
3D  Leung Hiu Na 3
English Builder Level 5
Class Name  Rank
3A  Chung Mei Suet Michelle 1
3A  Tsang Wing Yiu 2


Another Overseas Award of DISTINCTION  for our English Choral Group

The school’s English Choral Group took part in the Performing Arts exam organized by Trinity College London in May and received another award of distinction! Once again, congratulations to the all-time Distinction holder at this overseas competition since 2009. They presented their title, Treasure, which has already earned them Championship at the 67th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival.


Winners at the 67th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

Our True Light girls celebrate their triumph once again at the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival. The school’s English Choral Group (previously named Words and Movement) has once again claimed Championship at S1-3 Thematic Group Speaking. What makes it more exciting is that their highly praised performance has earned them 90 marks, the Honorary Award and the highest Award at the Speech Festival. This is the team’s 8th winning and 2nd time Honorary Award. A big congrats to the hard work of every member of the team and of course to the three teacher advisors, Ms Kassel Cheung, Ms Annabel Wong and Ms Jessica Zee.

Other individual winning include 5B Kristal Lee, 1st runner up at Shakespeare Monologue; 3B Sam Wong and 3B Shaiana Po, 2nd runner up at S3-4 Dramatic Duologue and 2A Crystal Hui and 2A Eunice Leung, 2nd runner up at S1-2 Dramatic Duologue.


Overseas Award Claimed by the True Light English Choral Group

Good news for the school’s English Choral Group: they were awarded Distinction with a stunning 98 marks at the 2014 Trinity College London Examination! Being the highest mark captured in the Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China region, the team is now crowned the Exhibition Award and winning a prize money! The Exhibition Award is presented annually to the candidates who have gained the highest distinction marks.

The winning team presented their title, Hoist the Colors, which has already earned them Championship at the 65th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival.


2016 Annual Oxbridge Public Speaking Competition Winner

The annual Oxbridge University Preparation Camp was held from 1st to 5th August 2016 at St. Peter’s Secondary School in which elite students from Oxford and Cambridge Universities teach students from seven schools in Southern District public speaking skills through various activities - drama, discussions, debates, lectures, etc. 
Best students from each class participate in the public speaking competition in the closing ceremony on the last day of the camp.  Chilli Chan from 6B was one of the three best public speakers.

eng oxbridge

Chilli Chan 6B (Middle) is one of the winners of the 2016 Annual Oxbridge Public Speaking Competition