Student Work Showcase

LumiVoce Story Writing Competition 




3B Ka Yan Tung attended the award ceremony at Hong Kong Maritime Museum on 25th June


In May, my classmates and I joined the LumiVoce Story Writing Competition. We were assigned to write a creative story about protecting and saving the ocean. I wrote a story about a turtle reincarnating again and again due to sea pollution and when I did my research, I was surprised at how serious sea pollution is and how much it is harming the sea creatures. The process of brainstorming and deciding the plot was very enjoyable. I had so many ideas in my head that I couldn’t decide on what exactly to write about. I believe I may join next year’s story writing competition to challenge my creativity and writing skills. To our greatest pride, five of my schoolmates even got recognised for their excellent writing and gained prizes in the competition.


Congratulations to the winners in the contest!

Wan Lok Tung 3A




3rd place



Best Technique Award



Excellence Award



Excellence Award



Excellence Award



Read their winning stories here:


Gold Award - The 15th English Radio Drama Competition 2023

The 15th English Radio Drama Competition is organized by Smart Education Charitable Foundation and sponsored by SCOLAR (Standing Committee on Language Education and Research). There are over 500 teams joining this year’s competition. Joining the competition, students need to create their own radio drama, from writing playscript to sound effect-making and even perform the radio drama on stage. A radio drama is an acoustic performance using only your voice and sound effects. It is surely an unforgettable experience for both the performers and audience.


This year, our team of five 1B girls was crowned as the champion with the Gold Award in the 15th English Radio Drama Competition on the 10th of June. The team was led by Ms. Miranda Li, who has guided the students to prepare the script, create all sound effects and perform the radio drama live on stage at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Despite being the youngest team among all secondary school finalists, our S1 girls managed to impress the judging panel with their creativity and performance on the topic "Fifteen Years Later", defeating strong opponents from Hong Kong and Macau.


Congratulations to both Ms. Li and the team for their outstanding performance!


For more details about the competition and event highlights, please visit 

Watch their live performance here.


The Gold Award for the Secondary Section goes to… Hong Kong True Light College!


Team members

1B Cheung Ka Ying Denise

1B Drummond Hannah Martinez

1B Kwan Wing Nam Michelle

1B Lee Yin Man Emi

1B Ma Ka Wai Jovie



The five S1 girls, Denise Cheung, Michelle Kwan, Emi Lee,

Hannah Drummond and Jovie Ma (from left to right), ready to perform their radio drama
at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University


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Students thanked their parents for being supportive


Champion - Hok Yau Club English News Commentary (senior)

Every year, Hok Yau Club organises the Students’ Top Ten News Election. This year, our students joined the English news commentary competition and got impressive results.


The competition results are available at:


We would like to congratulate our student, 5C Ng Wing Ki, Yuki, who was selected as the champion in the news commentary competition in senior form on the news about Queen Elizabeth. Her commentary entitled “Britain and the world bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth as state funeral marks end of era” has won accolades from the judging panel with her depth and breadth of knowledge on the news story.


5C Ng Wing Ki, Yuki, the champion of the Hok Yau Club News Commentary Competition (senior), with the Principal and her teacher, Ms. Jackie Chan

Read her news commentary here



Harvard Book Prize 2022

The Harvard Book Prize is awarded to exceptional S5 students who have accomplished academic excellence and have made impactful contributions as responsible members of society. On 27th of May, we were honoured to receive the Harvard Book Prize Essay Awards after joining the Harvard Book Prize Scholarship Competition. The ceremony was held at the Catholic Ming Yuen Secondary School and as one out of eleven semi-finalists in Hong Kong, Anna had an opportunity to be interviewed by the judges about her thought process while writing her essay. Later, she had photos taken with the judges and other semi-finalists for this prestigious award. Along with their certificates, the three winners of our school, 5A Anna Chan Jour-Yain, 5A Nicole Chan Cheuk Yu and 5E Sally Po Tsoi Nam, received a book entitled The Present by Spencer Johnson, which is about a man’s journey as he faces challenges during unprecedented changes just like how we have adapted to a “new normal” during this pandemic. As the semi-finalist, Anna has been invited to join the Harvard Mentorship Program and benefit from the meeting and learning from their alumni in Hong Kong. 


5A Anna Chan Jour-Yain, the award semi-finalist, and the judging panel of the Harvard Club of Hong Kong.


5A Anna Chan was awarded the book prize with her teacher advisor, Ms Yeung.


Fittingly, we were asked to write an essay on a particular topic, experiencing alienation during the pandemic. We agreed that the contest was not an academic burden nor a waste of time, but in fact, it made us contemplate serious issues in our society and deepened our thinking. We believe that joining this writing contest has broadened our horizons and enhanced our writing skills. Overall, it was an invaluable opportunity to share our thoughts and receive constructive feedback from the judges.

In the end, we would like to express our gratitude to our English teacher, Ms. Yeung, who provided us with enormous support and guidance throughout this nomination process. As well, special thanks to Mr. Hedley who accompanied us to the ceremony, and we would like to thank the school for giving this priceless opportunity to participate in a contest hosted by such a widely-recognized institution.

5A Anna Chan and 5E Sally Po


You can check out Anna’s winning essay through here.


5E Sally Po and 5A Nicole Chan with their teachers Ms Yeung and Mr Hedley.



Bronze Award - The 14th English Radio Drama Competition 2022


A radio drama is an acoustic performance using only your voice and sound effects. It is surely an unforgettable experience for both the performers and audience.


This year, four of my friends and I joined the 14th English Radio Drama Competition hosted by the Smart Education Charitable Foundation. It was a competition against an astronomical number of schools in Hong Kong and Macau. Over 200 teams joined, but only 11 teams had the chance to perform their radio drama live in front of judges and an audience in the Final round. We never tried anything like this, so we gave our best shot during the whole competition.


First, each team had to submit a script based on one of three topics. We chose the topic about exploring “uncharted waters”, which was about stepping out of our comfort zones to search for our inner self or exploring the meaning of life. As a team, we collaboratively discussed the story we wanted to share and developed characters with distinct personalities.


Next, 30 semi-finalists were announced (15 from the Primary level and 15 from the Secondary level). As one of the semifinalists, we then had to perform a 5-minute radio drama and submit our recording. We recorded our lines and edited them with sound effects to engage the listeners. Our group worked tirelessly at the school library to create a lively and realistic radio drama. With all the effort we put forth, we were satisfied with the end-product.


Months later, the finalists were announced, and we were one of five teams from the Secondary Division invited to perform our radio drama live at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It was a unique experience performing live for a panel of adjudicators and audience which included our competitors, teachers and even some parents.


On the day of our live and final performance, we were up against four top schools in Hong Kong, making it quite nerve-racking at first. We gave our best performance, and alas, we were awarded the Bronze Award!


As such, this radio drama competition broadened our horizons, and we gained much more knowledge and ideas on this topic. It was a bittersweet moment since I will be leaving Hong Kong, but I am glad I had this truly unforgettable experience to collaborate with my friends at Hong Kong True Light College.



Performing at the 14th English Radio Drama Competition at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.



Being awarded the Bronze Award from the panel of adjudicators.



Arriving at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.



Awaiting our results from the competition.




Along with our trophy, we received gift bags with book coupons, stuffed toys, boxes of masks and other goodies.



Watch our live performance:


We’ve encountered many challenges during this unique competition, especially the fact our final live performance was during our exams! Our group went to the library tirelessly recording our script and later adding sound effects to make the recording more lively and realistic, which made the end-product pretty satisfying.


On the day of our live and final performance, we were up against 4 top schools in Hong Kong, making it quite nerve-wracking at first, but we made it to the end and gave our best performance, which we ended up getting 3rd!

2A Wong Hoi Ying, Holly


MI Young Writers Awards 2022

MI Young Writers Award 2022 is an annual English writing competition that aims to foster and recognize excellence in English writing by providing students with the opportunity to develop their expressive talents and creativity. This year, 2A Chow Ching Shun Lydia from the Junior Section, 5A Wong Tsz Ching Ada and 5E Lam Yu Kwan Yolanda from the Senior Section had their essays selected as the Top 50 essay among all Hong Kong contestants with the topics “Should smartphones be allowed in school?” and “If you became a social media influencer, what would you post about?” Congratulations to Lydia, Ada, and Yolanda for their achievements.


2A Chow Ching Shun Lydia and her teacher Miss Lam.


5A Wong Tsz Ching Ada (left) and 5E Lam Yu Kwan (right) with their teacher Miss Yeung.


You can read their winning essays through the following links: 

(“Should Smartphones be Allowed in School?” by Chow Ching Shun Lydia)
(“Being an Inspiring Social Media Influencer” by Wong Tsz Ching Ada)
(“An Influencer, how?” by Lam Yu Kwan Yolanda)


The HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest 2022 

This school year, selected students from Secondary 2 joined the annual HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest 2022 hosted by the HKFYG Leadership Institute. To prepare for the contest, students attended evening workshops on November 24 and December 1 at the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building. It was an invaluable experience for students to get an opportunity to enrich their public speaking skills and share their speeches in front of their peers from different schools.

After the workshops, students entered the competition drafting their own speeches on a self-selected topic. Our students chose topics ranging from artificial intelligence to cloning to even the art of procrastination. On March 4, it was announced that 2B Melanie Wong and 2A Chara Yip had advanced to the District Semi-Finals with their captivating and relevant topics, the benefits of learning different languages and the implementation of VR in lessons, respectively. 

Yip Ho Ching, Chara 2A27

Certificate of District Semi-Finalist

Wong Yi Ching, Melanie 2B25

Certificate of District Semi-Finalist

Sherchan, Raeka 2A18

Certificate of Good Performance

Fung Hiu Nam, Hannah 2A10

Certificate of Participation

Chow Ching Shun, Lydia 2A08

Certificate of Participation

Wong Hoi Wing, Holly 2A25

Certificate of Participation

Ip Hei Tung, Renee 2B13

Certificate of Participation

Congratulations to all the participants!

Copy_of_IMG_3640 Copy_of_IMG_3779

Reflections from:

2B Melanie Wong

This year, I joined the HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest. I was astonished and almost cried when I received the notice that I had been admitted to the District Semi-Finals as I didn’t expect that I would enter the Semi-Finals. I am usually full of dread when it comes to having to speak in front of people, especially strangers. However, through this experience, it boosted my confidence and improved my speaking habits. I have learnt the skills of how to change the tone of voice and body language, for example, by using hand gestures and facial expressions.

My speech is about the benefits of learning different languages. It is about the benefits and the importance of learning new languages. It helps us connect with other cultures, improves our memory and boosts our confidence.

2A Chara Yip

I participated in the HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest this year. It was a lot of fun, and a crazy experience since I was not expecting myself to get into the Semi-Finals of the contest. When I attended the public speaking workshop, I saw some of the participants from other schools. They seemed to have all of the confidence they needed. Meanwhile I was really worried. “What if I made a mistake while I was giving my speech?” “What if I mess up?” Some of these thoughts appeared in my mind. In the end, I would say that I performed pretty well, and actually felt satisfied. I’m not the type of person to speak in front of a large audience, but participating in this contest made my confidence go through the roof, and that’s what I consider a miracle. I’m glad that I joined a public speaking contest at least once in my life. It was such a rewarding experience.


Choral Speaking


Shakespeare's Enchanting Escapades

As an integral part of our English curriculum, Hong Kong True Light College has been actively teaching English Literature. We believe that authentic language proficiency can be acquired through reading. Therefore, we have to our junior form students through interactive activities over the years. For example, our Form two English curriculum comprises of reading Shakespeare stories and dramatizing them in the students’ annual English Day Camp. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of our College, we take pleasure in presenting the drama performance - Shakespeare's Enchanting Escapades, which is our own twist on three of Shakespeare's much loved stories, namely, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet.

Snapshots in Musical