Hong Kong True Light College The Centennial Enlightenment Project

The Spirit of True Light – Inherit the traditions, embark on a new journey

Ms Harriet Noyes, a Christian missionary from the United States, founded True Light College in Guangzhou in 1872. She was a pioneer in women's education in China. True Light schools have a history of over 140 years. In 1975, Hong Kong True Light College was founded in Caine Road. It was then relocated to Ap Lei Chau in 1995. Our school campus was expanded to approximately 10,200 square feet in area in total. Positioned between Aberdeen Harbour on the East and Mount Johnston on the West, the excellent geographical location of our school campus has made it a tranquil environment for learning.

Located on 1 Lei Tung Road, the ‘1’ symbolizes pioneering. Following the path of pioneering women’s education, True Light has been devoted to following the footstep of our founder, Ms. Harriet Noyes, who pursued the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ. We are striving for fostering an all-round education. We also educate True Light traditions, which help our students to create and develop the community spirit of mutual help and love. We hope to nurture the spirit of perseverance, sacrifice, and self-improvement.

Time flies. Thanks to the complete dedication of the School Sponsoring Body, principal, teachers and parents, our students are well-nurtured and greatly benefited by excellent resources. Hence, a lot of outstanding True Light girls have been raised to carry forward the school motto, Thou Art the Light of the World, and shines as the light of the world for Jesus Christ.

45 Years of Moving Forward in Leaps and Bounds

Over the years, our school campus has been continuously expanding and renovating: the opening of the New Wing in 2005, the completion of True Light Hall in 2010 and the launching of the Jolly Learning Corner in 2015 are some examples of this.

To cater for the demands and challenges of the 21st century including the New Senior Secondary Curriculum, we are hoping to provide our students with state-of-the-art facilities in order to raise their active learning spirit and keep them abreast of the times. Through this, we can continue to keep the original goals and objectives of education intact.

On the momentous occasion of our 45th anniversary, we are going to implement a series of environmental optimization projects entitled “Hong Kong True Light College - The Centennial Enlightenment Project”. We are extremely grateful to the School Sponsoring Body, parents, alumni and the True Light community of family and friends who have all joined hands to raise funds towards making this 45th anniversary truly worth celebrating!

Booklet - The Centennial Enlightenment project

The Centennial Enlightenment project will be conducted in a number of stages, including:

1. New Library
2. Learning Commons
3. Performing Arts Theatre
4. Interactive Teaching Classrooms (appox. 30 rooms)


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“These facilities will definitely offer significant opportunities to facilitate our students to explore knowledge in different domains and cultivate their enthusiasm in the pursuit of knowledge. It will also enable them to develop an independent learning spirit in order to help them actualize their dreams and stretch their potentials to the fullest.”

Ms Man Yuk Ming, Supervisor

“With the advanced classroom facilities and Performing Arts Theatre, the learning and teaching effectiveness can be optimized through Information Technology. Our modern and multi-functional library will reflect and boost learning diversity. The Learning Commons will also help in promoting peer learning and make our students excel in coping with the demands of modern times.”

Dr Ng Ka Man, Principal

Celebrating the success of
“The Centennial Enlightenment Project”,
we give pride not to ourselves but Jesus Christ alone.
May the grace be with Jesus Christ.
This is the blessing of Jesus Christ left for True Light.






一.   新圖書館    New Library
二.   學習共享空間  Learning Commons
三.   演藝廳     Performing Arts Theatre
四.   互動教學課室  Interactive Teaching Classrooms

進行以上各項工程,目的在於令本校設施更臻完備,為全校師生提供更理想的學習及演出空間,讓學生在優質的校園內得以愉快地享受每個學習時刻。估計所需費用高達二千萬,現誠意向各界籌款捐獻,並奉函誠邀  台端鼎力支持,詳情見捐贈表格。


捐款金額 (港幣)






















由於「百年樹人計劃」所費不菲,實有賴各界熱心教育、愛護真光的人士、家長及歷屆校友鼎力支持,集腋成裘,共襄盛舉。倘蒙  台端資助,不論數目多少,皆無任感激,如有垂詢,請致電2871 1214或電郵hktlcoff@hkstar.com與吳嘉文校長聯絡。