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School History

Year Past Event


Miss Harriet Noyes, a missionary of the American Presbyterian Church, founded the first True Light School, a primary school, in Guangzhou.


True Light Girls’ Middle School was built in Paak Hok Tong.


A branch primary school was established at 26 Caine Road in Hong Kong.


The branch Primary School was relocated to 75 Caine Road.


A secondary school section was added to the school campus on Caine Road. Only a junior secondary section was set up.


True Light Middle School in Paak Hok Tong, Guangzhou was transferred to Hong Kong. Kowloon True Light Middle School was established at 115 Waterloo Road.


True Light Middle School of Hong Kong was moved to 50 Tai Hang Road. The branch Primary School remained in operation on Caine Road.


True Light Girls’ College was established at 54A Waterloo Road.


Hong Kong True Light College was founded in Caine Road.


Hong Kong True Light College was relocated to Ap Lei Chau.


On 1 September, the School was renamed as Hong Kong True Light College.


This year marks True Light’s 145th Anniversary and Hong Kong True Light College’s 42nd Anniversary.


This year marks True Light’s 148th Anniversary and Hong Kong True Light College’s 45th Anniversary.

School Vision

In pursuance of Jesus Christ’s sacrificial love, True Light has been devoted to women’s education in over a century with the objectives of offering Christian education and a balanced education in the realms of morality, intellectuality, sociality, aesthetics, physical and spiritual development.

We emphasize the importance of creativity, innovation, self-sacrifice, concern for others and the pursuit of excellence, in addition to upholding the spirit of the school motto ‘Thou art the light of the world’.  We are striving for achieving our common goals of fostering whole-person development of our students, and guiding them to learn to serve one another as well as the community at large.

Education Mission

To help students develop the following qualities through education:


To have physical fitness and good health.


To have a spirit of endurance and perseverance.


To be a humble, courteous, honest and law-abiding person.


To be dedicated, eager to learn, prudent, critical in thinking and determined in taking action.


To have talents in all aspects and always work for the betterment of the environment.


To be equipped with professional knowledge and skills.


To have awareness of the needs and realities of their time.


To be able to co-operate with others and work actively for the benefit of society.


To be just and unprejudiced, and willing to sacrifice and serve.


To be able to enrich other people's lives.

School Motto

Thou Art the Light of the World

You are the salt of the earth; but if its taste goes from the salt, how will you make it salt again? It is then good for nothing but to be put out and crushed under foot by men. You are the light of the world. A town put on a hill may be seen by all. And a burning light is not put under a vessel, but on its table; so that its rays may be shining on all who are in the house. Even so let your light be shining before men, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.

(Matthew 5: 13-16)

School Features

A school of long standing tradition and mission

Our school has been established for more than 140 years by Ms Harriet Noyes, with the commitment of providing quality education to local Chinese women.

School Ethos

Our school is marked by the culture of simplicity. We aim at cultivating students' good character and implementing a Christian-based holistic education. In school, students need to wear a blue 'cheong-sam', a traditional costume for Chinese women. Students may wear short hair, plaits or pony-tails.

Equal Emphasis on Chinese and English

We have always emphasized raising students' language standards by encouraging them to read and write. We also publish a collection of students' literary work as a means of encouragement and appreciation of their efforts. In addition to the native English teacher employed by the EMB, the School Management Board recruits two extra native English teachers to help improve students' English standards. The English Corner is set up and various courses, such as the S1 Bridging Course, English Workshops, the Intensive English Course and the Summer English Course are offered. Students have made significant improvements in their English.

Formation of Sister-Classes

Sister classes are formed between S1 and S4 to nurture the True Light spirit and develop sisterly support. This scheme has enabled students in S4 to mentor their S1 sisters so that these younger sisters can adapt successfully to school life. Besides, the 'Big-Sister Scheme' is implemented to provide peer counselling to students in need.

Form Association, Permanent House, Vertical House, The Passing-of-the-Light Ceremony

In order to encourage communication among students every year, S1 students set up their 'Form Association' which they belong to until they graduate from S5, at which time they establish their 'Permanent House'. A vertical house system is also established to strengthen ties among students of all levels. The Passing-of-the-Light Ceremony is held every year on Speech Day when the Light of Truth is passed onto S4 students by the S5 graduates.

The Student Union

The Student Union has been set up for more than 30 years. Every year, students participate in a one-person-one-vote election to choose the SU officials. The Student Union organizes various activities and improves students' welfare. The Student Union gives advice and suggestions to the school in the school-student consultative meeting to enhance mutual communication between the school and students.

School Profile

Our school campus is approximately 83,000 square feet in area totally.  Air-conditioners are installed in all classrooms and the school hall.  The 7-storey new wing of our premises houses a Language Room, a Computers-Assist Learning Centre, a School Archives and Multi-Purpose Room, a Student Activity Centre, a Gymnasium, two Social Worker Rooms, an Orchestra Practice Room, a Student Union Room, a Prefects Room as well as various conference and interview rooms for students to enjoy a better learning environment.  Allocated to the school by the Housing Department and the Education Bureau, the 12,000-sq.ft.  “Integrated Sports Training Centre” provides varied sports facilities for our students, which include a multi-purpose basketball court, an archery field, an all-weather running track, a sandpit, a multi-purpose training area for tennis, softball and volleyball practice together with a piece of grass plot for field events training.

With the additional resources granted by the School Management Board, the True Light chapel and multi-purpose rooms have been built on the 7th floor; besides, all the classrooms, special rooms and the School Hall are equipped with computers and projectors; beyond-standard facilities in the new wing are also provided and all these resources constitute a much more ideal learning environment for our students. With the setup of solar panels, green roof and weather monitor at the roof, Hong Kong True Light College started to establish an energy saving campus in 2013. These green facilities are jointly funded by the Environmental Campaign Committee, the Environment and Conservation Fund.

School Song

We sing of a school where we’re happy as can be, of course, we mean Chan Kwong. In our work and in our play, we’re as good as we can be, for the glory of Chan Kwong.

In the days that have gone by, there were keepers of the light, good keepers at Chan Kwong. And in the coming time, we too will keep the light, keep it shining for Chan Kwong.

For the glory of Chan Kwong we’ll live, for the glory of Chan Kwong. In the days that are to be, we’ll be good as we can be, for the glory of Chan Kwong.

True Light Song

真光之歌(第一輯) 真光之歌(第二輯)
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