The Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competitions

Congratulations to our school English Debate Teams. They performed outstandingly and brilliantly this term. After the Final Competition taken place on 30th January 2019, one of our teams has won 1st Runner-up in 2018-19 Term 1 HKI & NT Division II Senior. The motion of the competition was Parents of children who commit crimes should also be penalised. Our students were the affirmative team and our debaters were CoCo Kam (5A), Christy Wong (5A) and Chloe Wong (5E). Their Team coach was Miss Kayla Tam.

1819Debating Competition

1819Debating Competition_2

Our debaters with the opposing team from STFA Tam Pak Yu College. The competition was really a golden opportunity for students to brush up their English speaking proficiency and critical thinking skills.

1819Debating Competition_3

Our Debate Team members with our Principal Dr. Ng and the Adjudicator of the Final Competition Miss Stephy Lo.

Before attending the Final Competition, the two Debate Teams of our school have won three debate competitions. One of the competitions took place in Aberdeen Technical School on 3rd December, 2018. The motion was Participation in team sports should be made compulsory for the Hong Kong secondary school. Our team represented the negative side and the debaters were CoCo Kam (5A), Christy Wong (5A) and Chloe Wong (5E). Their Team Coach was Miss Kayla Tam.

1819Debating Competition_4

Our teams won two more debate competitions in October. One of our debate teams took part in the Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competitions on 4th October at HKWMA Chu Shek Lun Secondary School. Our students were the negative team on the debate motion: Genetically Modified Food is beneficial. Our first speaker April Lee (5E), second speaker Victoria So (4B) and third speaker Sumi Yu (5B) performed outstandingly and won the competition.


On 5th October, three other True Light girls were the affirmative team on the same debate motion against the MCHK Wesley College. This time, our first speaker was Coco Kam (5A), our second speaker was Christy Wong (5A) and our third speaker was Chloe Wong (5E). They performed brilliantly and won the competition. Their team coach was Ms Yeung Ka Wai. Well done girls and thank you Ms Yeung for her efforts.