S1 Oxbridge Summer Camp 2018

The Oxbridge Summer Camp has given me a chance to meet new friends. They always talked to me. When they felt low, I would encourage them. I feel happy to have met them and hope we can be friends forever. Besides schoolmates, I also met some teachers in this camp.

The Oxbridge Summer Camp has helped me learn about the secondary school life. For example, I have learnt some school place names. Therefore, I love this camp.

1B Ophelia Wong

The Oxbridge Summer Camp is an activity for Secondary One students. On the first day of the camp, I came to school nervously. Our teachers all came from Oxford University and University of Cambridge. They were very friendly.

In the camp, we played many games like “find-and-see” and “choose the chair”. In the afternoon, we had drama lessons. In those lessons, I met many new friends. Now we are best friends.

After I joined the camp, I found that I could speak English more fluently and loudly. Also, I have gained friendship. I will never forget this summer camp.

1A Grace Lee

This summer, I joined the Oxbridge Summer Camp. It was an unforgettable experience.

On the first day of the camp, I felt a little nervous because I did not know anybody there. Then I made some new friends in the activities such as “musical chair” and “red light, green light”. I did a drama with my classmates. It was a fun experience. We also had a special fashion show. We used the old newspapers to make the costumes for our models, who were our classmates. On the last day of the camp, we performed a drama to all the people in the camp and the parents.

Overall, I learnt a lot and made a lot of new friends in this camp.

1A Mandy Wong

The Oxbridge Summer Camp was held from 6th to 10th August. It was an event hosted by students of Oxford University and Cambridge University. The event was about teaching us proper English. I was very excited because I’d been waiting for it for days. It was better than I had expected because it was the first time I’d ever talked to someone from those two special universities.

We had a lot of games although some of them were quite boring! Some of the games weren’t even for teaching although they were fun. For example, we played “grandma’s footstep”, “Bibadebobidibo” and some others. We also had our own drama show. My friends Denise, Steffi, Olivia and I did our awkward one by only saying the word “banana”! We pretended that a serial killer (Denise) came into our house trying to kill us. We even died in different ways. Olivia got shot; I committed suicide by dropping a chair on myself; Steffi took the serial killer’s gun and shot herself dead and then the serial killer jumped out of the window.

I had a lot of fun that week. I wish the time would be longer, but it felt nice.  

1B Chiara Pang


The S1 students are showing their drama performance.


The Oxbridge instructors are conducting English activities in the classroom.


The Oxbridge instructors are from Oxford University and Cambridge University.


The Oxbridge instructors are demonstrating drama skills.


The S1 students receive their certificates after completing the Oxbridge Program.