True Light Joint-school Vienna Music Masterclass Concert



When we travelled by coach, there were a lot of amazing views which made me feel like traveling back to old days. In Hong Kong, modern buildings are everywhere and there are less historic buildings. I think the architecture style in Vienna was the most special thing in the tour. (Lau Si Si)

I didn't want to go back to Hong Kong. People in the trip were very nice and the professor was really patient! I will miss all the memories and friends in Vienna. (Chiu Wing Tung)

I have leant a lot in the masterclass. For example, I have leant how to present the romantic song and how to make beautiful sound using clarinet. Also, this masterclass has given me confidence in playing clarinet. After the masterclass, I am sure I have a talent in playing clarinet and I can play it beautifully. (Kwan Ling Yee)

The most unforgettable and valuable part throughout the whole trip was the friendship between the eighteen girls coming from four different True Light schools. We built a strong communication and team spirit among all of us. We chatted and played until very early in the morning, and even shared our secrets with each other. These are the memories that I’ll never forget. (Leung Lok Man)

I was the only violinist in this trip. I was very nervous at first because I didn’t know who my master was and what would happen in the class. Luckily, all of them were very nice and we have learnt a lot of music knowledge in these few days. (Cheung Wing Chi)