English Monday – S3 Personality Tests

English Monday: S3 Personality Tests
Date: 14th November, 2016

On 14 November 2016, a S3 English Monday activity entitled “Personality Tests” was conducted in the School Volleyball Court. This activity is a part of a S3 module named Work featuring a wide range of jobs. All S3 students and their fellow schoolmates participated in a total of 6 activity booths. Each booth ran a personality test prepared by a S3 English group. After having taken the tests, the students had a better idea of their personality and the type of jobs that are more suitable for them. This helped them plan their future studies and career paths.

Besides, this activity was an inter-class competition in which “The Most Popular Booth Award” was chosen by the S3 English teachers. The award was ultimately received by the S3 English group “J. K. Rowling”. Congratulations on their winning the award! All S3 English teachers are looking forward to their S3 students’ dedication and enthusiasm in the next S3 English Monday."

To find out the suitable type of jobs, participants are taking the personality test.

Some participants take the personality test using an iPad.

All participants find the personality tests invaluable.