English Monday – S2 ‘Strange but True?’

S2 English Monday – S2 ‘Strange but True?’
Date: 7th November, 2016

The theme of S2 English Monday this year is ‘Strange – but True?’  There were altogether 6 booths and each English group was responsible for one of them.  Each group had to research about a strange personality or animal and create an activity for their schoolmates. 

Portia & Lady Macbeth
Activity: Participants were asked to read a passage related to the theme while student helpers checked for pronunciation mistakes.  They would then teach their schoolmates how to pronounce the words correctly.

Viola & Desdemona
Activity: Student helpers read out a passage related to the theme and the participants had to draw and label the animal while they were listening.  Student helpers had to check if their drawing and descriptions are correct.

Hermia & Juliet
Activity: Student helpers would read out a passage related to the theme and the participants had to answer some questions based on the information they get.

Aims of the Activity

The activities were designed to activate what students had learnt about the topic and promote interactions among students.  In the process of creating the activities, students could extend their knowledge as they researched about strange personalities and animals.  They needed to further translate what they had learnt into stimulating activities so that participants would be willing to participate in them.

Feedback from Students and Teachers 

The student helpers were very enthusiastic about their role and the participants were eager to try out the activities at different booths.  There was laughter all along and the S2 students seemed to enjoy the activities a lot.  Many of them even refused to return to their classroom when time was over.