The HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest 2022

This school year, selected students from Secondary 2 joined the annual HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest 2022 hosted by the HKFYG Leadership Institute. To prepare for the contest, students attended evening workshops on November 24 and December 1 at the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building. It was an invaluable experience for students to get an opportunity to enrich their public speaking skills and share their speeches in front of their peers from different schools.

After the workshops, students entered the competition drafting their own speeches on a self-selected topic. Our students chose topics ranging from artificial intelligence to cloning to even the art of procrastination. On March 4, it was announced that 2B Melanie Wong and 2A Chara Yip had advanced to the District Semi-Finals with their captivating and relevant topics, the benefits of learning different languages and the implementation of VR in lessons, respectively. 

Yip Ho Ching, Chara 2A27

Certificate of District Semi-Finalist

Wong Yi Ching, Melanie 2B25

Certificate of District Semi-Finalist

Sherchan, Raeka 2A18

Certificate of Good Performance

Fung Hiu Nam, Hannah 2A10

Certificate of Participation

Chow Ching Shun, Lydia 2A08

Certificate of Participation

Wong Hoi Wing, Holly 2A25

Certificate of Participation

Ip Hei Tung, Renee 2B13

Certificate of Participation

Congratulations to all the participants!

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Reflections from:

2B Melanie Wong

This year, I joined the HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest. I was astonished and almost cried when I received the notice that I had been admitted to the District Semi-Finals as I didn’t expect that I would enter the Semi-Finals. I am usually full of dread when it comes to having to speak in front of people, especially strangers. However, through this experience, it boosted my confidence and improved my speaking habits. I have learnt the skills of how to change the tone of voice and body language, for example, by using hand gestures and facial expressions.

My speech is about the benefits of learning different languages. It is about the benefits and the importance of learning new languages. It helps us connect with other cultures, improves our memory and boosts our confidence.

2A Chara Yip

I participated in the HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest this year. It was a lot of fun, and a crazy experience since I was not expecting myself to get into the Semi-Finals of the contest. When I attended the public speaking workshop, I saw some of the participants from other schools. They seemed to have all of the confidence they needed. Meanwhile I was really worried. “What if I made a mistake while I was giving my speech?” “What if I mess up?” Some of these thoughts appeared in my mind. In the end, I would say that I performed pretty well, and actually felt satisfied. I’m not the type of person to speak in front of a large audience, but participating in this contest made my confidence go through the roof, and that’s what I consider a miracle. I’m glad that I joined a public speaking contest at least once in my life. It was such a rewarding experience.