Championship in HKSSDC Junior 2021-22

Working tirelessly over the Christmas holidays, the S3 debate team pulled together to face off against a fierce opponent in the term 1 final of the Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition(HKSSDC). Charged with the topic “This House would allow negative advertising by companies against their competitors,” 3A Nicole Chan, 3A Jasie Chow and 3A Mary Mikfung Thewe argued fervently for negative advertising. With a very close match, the Hong Kong True Light College team managed to pull ahead and secure victory, becoming the champion of 2021-22 Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition Junior (Div II) (HKI & NT) Term 1 Final. Further sweetening the triumph, 3A Jasie Chow was awarded the best speaker of the match. As they proceed onto the second term, and hopefully the Grand Final, let’s all wish them the best and encourage them in their work!


During their regular training, the Junior Debate Team took their moment to celebrate their victory.