First win in Term 2 in HKSSDC Senior Team

Covid can stop us from going to school, but not from learning together. Although the epidemic has brought the holiday earlier, the HKSSDC debate competition was still held in the form of zoom. On the 30th of March, 5A Nicole Chan, Anna Chan and Tina Cheung, led by their team advisor, Ms. Yeung, defeated Tsung Tsin College in the motion "This house will deny smokers access to public healthcare."


Participating in this competition as the chairperson this time, I felt the tremendous efforts of the debaters in this nerve-wracking match. I admire that our experienced debaters still put forward various arguments and evidence. Finally, impressed by their clear team line and good rebuttals,  the adjudicator announced that they won in this debate competition. Even though I wasn't a debater, I learned some valuable debating skills from the adjudicator's deliberations and their perfect teamwork. Congrats once again for their hard work paid off, and I look forward to the debate team continuing to be victorious.

- 5E Sophie Tam