S3 Interclass Debating Competition

On 22 Oct, the S3 interclass debating competition was held in the True Light Hall. Representatives from each S3 class debated on the motion ‘This House would allow students to bring their own electronic devices to school’, with Nikita Yau (3D), Chole Lam (3C) and Karen Lo (3D) on the Affirmative Team; and Helia Yeung (3B), Mary Thewe (3A) and Cheryl Li (3B) on the Negative Team. After some intense debate with both teams presenting supportive arguments and evidence, the Negative Team was declared the winner, with Helia Yeung named the Best Speaker Award. 


Let’s see what her thoughts on this debating experience are:


The form 3 inter-class debating competition was an unforgettable and valuable experience for me because this was my first time joining a debate competition and I had to get well prepared with my negative teammates within 3 days. It was hard to get very well prepared but luckily my teammates helped me a lot and I also got a lot of good advice from my classmates and my English teacher. I enjoyed working with my teammates during the preparation period and making the rebuttals with them. We believed that our effort would get repayment so we worked really hard and tried our best to make it perfect. We all rejoiced when we won the competition and I was honoured to be the best speaker of this competition. I wish to thank everyone who pitched in to making it a great event.

- 3B Helia Yeung



The S3 Interclass Debating Competition was held on 22 Oct 2021.





The Negative Team, Cheryl Li (3B), Mary Thewe (3A), and Helia Yeung (3B) (from left to right), taking a photo with the adjudicator, our vice-principal Mr Chu.



Debating optimizes students’ deep thinking skills through the research and argumentation.