HKSSDC – First win for Debating Team I



HKTLC Senior English Debating Team I on their first victory, 18 Oct 2021


The new academic year has just started for a month, but our English debating team has already had a fantastic start for this year - we won in the first round of the debate competition for term one!

  Like last year, the debating competition was held on Zoom due to Covid-19. On the 18th of October, led by Ms. Yeung and Ms. Cheung as our team coaches, our team comprising 4E Denise Fung, 5A Nicole Chan, and 5A Anna Chan defeated Po Leung Kuk Ho Yuk Ching (1984) College in the debate on the motion “Esports should be added to the Olympics”.

  That was a real toss-up. We had good evidence and organization, and so did our opponents. To our joy, we won in the competition, and Denise Fung was named the best debater.

 Despite the short preparation time, I am impressed that we could do this well in the competition. It was a wonderful experience to me, and I am thankful for having worked with two brilliant teammates who practised their speeches well and for the excellent teamwork and communication between us.

  We look forward to having a debate competition face to face and another chance to debate against different formidable opponents!

Nicole Chan Cheuk Yu, 5A


As a new member of the senior team, I helped as the researcher but not as a speaker in our first match, which gave me the best spot to spectate the entire competition, awed by our debaters who spoke very confidently throughout the whole competition. Their strong arguments and statistics have successfully convinced the adjudicator with our team case, who declared our debating team the winner by beating the affirmative team. This also brings our first victory in the year. My congratulations are to the speakers and to Denise Fung, who was named the best debater in the competition. It was such a memorable debate competition to kick off the year and I'm looking forward to another victory in the next debating competition. 

Kary Ching Ka Nam, 4B


4B Kary Ching, 5A Anna Chan, 5A Nicole Chan, 4E Denise Fung and their team coach, Ms Cheung (left to right)