Speed Counting Game, 20 Oct 2021

On the 20th of October, the English Society held the first English activity ”Speed Counting competition” in the English corner after school. The English Corner was filled with excitement and laughter from participants from different forms, who needed to challenge their reflexes and English speaking by pointing to and naming the number in the correct ascending order in a randomised grid simultaneously. It only took the winner 38 seconds to point out the numbers from 1 to 30 (while the slowest count might take more than a minute…)! All of the students who participated had fun in this activity, especially when chanting for Mr. Ho, our very special guest, who could not help joining our contest hearing our laughs. Only participants who were there could witness his game live and I shall leave this to your imagination for how the Mathematics teacher performed in the number-counting game...

Congratulations to 4B Maggie Yeung for winning this competition! I am looking forward to seeing more students (and teachers) joining the next English activity held by the English society.

Kary Ching, 4B


Students practising in groups to challenge each other


The real challenge on the screen was nerve-racking for both students and the teacher alike. 


An exhilarating and fun-filled afternoon for all participants