S1 Summer Theatre 2021

In early August, our S1 students attended a three-day intensive drama workshop. In order to help our newly enrolled S1 students adapt to the English learning environment before the start of the school year, we had the pleasure to have a group of highly experienced and enthusiastic instructors from a professional native-speaking theatre to enlighten our S1 students the way to interpret play scripts, embrace the art of dramas and give a professional drama performance.

In four groups, students explored both drama and our campus facilities that are specially-designed for stage performance and English-learning activities. Each group was assigned with a dedicated play script, including Arion and The DolphinTheseus and the MinotaurAthene and ArachneKing Midas and His Golden TouchAntony and Cleopatra, and Phaedra. With the guidance from the instructors, the drama workshop was successfully completed with laughter and joy.

English campIMG_6557            All instructors and students enjoyed their time at the Performance Theatre in the three-day workshop.

Before reading and acting out the play scripts given, students from different groups participated in different warm-up games for ice-breaking and preparing themselves for better voice projection and body movements.

IMG_8474IMG_6365IMG_6369            Group 4 students participated in the drama activity named Frozen Pictures, in which they created the scene of an altar and a palace with their gestures and postures.

IMG_6323 2The instructors introducing the elements of a play script and going through the play scripts together with our S1 students

One of the venues was the Performance Theatre, where students enjoyed different lightning effects and a huge screen on the wall as the stage background.




After the workshop, students were asked to fill in a reflection sheet on what they had gained from the workshop and their opinions. Here are the reflections of some S1 students:

I liked the Summer Theatre because I was given chances to make new friends and try out new things such as making good use of the stage space, preparing our own props and following stage directions while acting. I hope I can perform a drama on stage like this again!

  • Seana Helynn 1A

My English speaking has improved a lot during these several days because the instructors were all foreigners. We had to speak in English all the time. I am happy that I had a chance to improve my English speaking and that I could make new friends even though we all had to chat only in English.

  • Zhu Tsz Kwan, Alice 1A

We played many interesting games in the workshops like zip-zap-zup. My favourite part was the game, Kitty Wants A Corner. When the instructor said “Kitty wants a corner”, we had to respond by saying “Ask my neighbour!” and swap our places with a friend in our group. It is such an exciting game to train our teamwork and stage movement. The workshops were the most unforgettable days of my summer vacation this year.

  • Lam Yuen Ki, Eva 1D

The instructors taught us a lot of Greek myths and legends. I love them so much! I am going to read more about them.

  • Ng Ka Ying, Karen 1C

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