English Society 2021-2022

English society

The English Society congregated for a group photo


To optimize our deep thinking and to promote the English language, the English Society is going to organize entertaining activities to make students more interested in English through playing. This year, we have planned many English activities such as monthly crossword puzzles and biweekly activities. We are looking forward to organizing the activities successfully while having a wonderful time with the teacher advisors and the committee members. 

Cindy Lee, 5E

Committee Members


5A Anna Chan


5A Nicole Chan

5E Cindy Lee


4E Denise Fung


5A Tina Cheung

5E Toby Chiu

Publicity Secretary

2A Hannah Fung

2A Lydia Chow

General Affairs secretary

2A Holly Wong

2A Raeka Sherchan

5E Sophie Tam

Academic Secretary

4A Hazel Lam

Recreational Secretary

4A Ophelia Wong

4B Kary Ching


The English Society committee is dedicated to helping students with the stamp redemption for their English Activity Award scheme