MI Young Writers Award 2021

MI Young Writers Award 2021 is an annual English writing competition that aims to foster and recognize excellence in English writing by providing students with the opportunity to develop their expressive talents and creativity. The topic of the senior section this year is a timely one that has affected all of us, “What is the impact of this global epidemic to you?” One of our S4 students, Coco Yuen Pui Pui, 4E, has her essay selected as Top 50 Merit Award in the competition (Senior) with her essay entitled “When one door shuts, another opens”. You can check out her winning essay in the link below: "When one door shuts, another opens" by Coco Yuen

When I received this topic and the relevant research articles from CNN magazine in the English lesson, I could immediately think of some bad impacts that the virus has brought to me, such as socially and academically. Then I reminded myself I should not only talk about the negative influences, as there is always a lesson to be taken in all experiences. So I tried to think about what the virus had taught me, like treasuring my time with family and friends. This competition is a chance for me to learn more because I have searched for some information about the virus on the Internet and articles. Finally, I feel grateful and surprised that I have won the Top 50 Merit Award. 

Coco Yuen Pui Pui, 4E