Paris, London, or Spain? Our VR tours around the world

By Anna Chan Jour Yain, 4A


As technology is getting more advanced nowadays, more electronic applications are used for teaching and learning. One of the examples is Virtual Reality, VR. VR can be used in lots of different ways. For example, VR tours can help students understand a topic in greater detail and depth without affording the cost, such as a surgery. 


VR tours can also take students to explore places that might otherwise be impossible to reach in class, like an overseas trip amid COVID, so students can experience the local festival, cultures and spectacular scenery in the classroom.


Me, checking out the garden on the top deck of Eiffel Tower.


In our case, preparing our travelling journal writing, our class had a VR tour in English lessons to Paris and London to visit their landmarks. VR tours made me feel like I was really in Paris on the Eiffel Tower, more impressed by the Tower’s height and the panoramic view over the garden. 


In conclusion, I would strongly recommend using VR tours in lessons. The immersive experience is very unique and students can learn more independently in different ways. 


Students’ thoughts…

What did you experience?

I have experienced a Paris day tour by VR technology. Along the tour, there was a narrator serving as a tour guide to tell me about the landmarks. That was a new experience for me. In class, we often use iPads to play with Kahoot or to do other learning activities, but this was the first time for me to try a VR tour. I visited so many landmarks in Paris and enjoyed the view from the first-person perspective.

Nicole Chan, 4A


I had experienced Venice Carnival in the VR tours. The most forgettable scene is a character with her magnificent costume descending to the ground from the sky. It was really amazing. 

Ada Wong, 4A


I ‘joined’ La Tomatina in the lesson, which is a festival held in Valencia in Spain. Thousands of festival-goers throw tomatoes at each other for fun. I am eager to join this festival that I want to throw tomatoes at others too.

Tiffany Chung, 4E


Are VR tours great for learning?

The introduction of VR has made it possible for us to experience learning in more immersive and engaging ways. It can transport us from our desks to the Roman ruins. Due to the Covid-19, all of us cannot travel overseas. Still, we can experience a virtual tour in London through VR tours.

Cherry Luo, 4A

Compared with learning from books, VR tours are a diverse way for learning. Students can explore different countries without regional restriction, so they broaden our vision. I would recommend using VR tours in lessons.

Katie Yip, 4E


Excerpt from a VR travel journal in Portugal

Yolanda Lam, 4E

...After a long voyage, I finally reached the famous Laurissilva Forest. The whole place here was like enveloped by a layer of veil. Golden sunlight reflected on the water vapour made the forest look like the majestic residence of the legendary elves. Exotic flowers and weeds spread in the forest densely. A gray-blue bird rested at the feet of tourists, bowing its head for picking up worms. That made me feel serene...

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