Webinar on use of dictionary

Is it your habit to ‘google’ it when you find unfamiliar words in English? While it is convenient, have you considered why it is good to use a proper electronic dictionary to learn English? On 30thMarch, a group of five S4 students joined an online interactive lecture organized by Oxford University Press called “playing with the dictionary with Vivek”. The webinar hosted by Vivek Mahbubani, a Hong Kong-bred bilingual stand-up comedian, did not only sweep the participants off their feet with fun and laughter, but provided valuable advice on English learning by the use of a proper learners’ dictionary. We learned about the differences between a dictionary and google and different things you can learn from a dictionary, like distinguishing confusing word pairs or pronunciations of different accents. I had a pleasant hour and acquired plenty of words and slang for my vocabulary like “second banana” which means a supporting role in a stand-up comedy.


Yolanda Lam Yu Kwan, 4E

Five S4 students have joined a webinar about the use of dictionary
Use of a learners’ dictionary vs. search engines’ dictionary

I surely enjoyed the webinar. Vivek is a fantastic host who could use his humour to make the audience engrossed in his talk. I like how he introduced some unusual but interesting words. And I have also learned that a proper dictionary (both online or paper versions) should be used like our personal notebook in which we can save the vocabulary that we would like to remember. This is something google cannot do.


Nicole Chan Cheuk Yu, 4A