S4 Drama appreciation: Comedy of Mistakes

On 10 March 2021, all S4 students went to watch an extraordinary adaptation of Sherlock Holmes’ The Speckled Band entitled Comedy of Mistakes at Sai Wan Ho Civic Center. This has been the third year for our school to participate in the SCOLAR English Alliance “From Page to Stage” programme, which not only offered an opportunity for our students to appreciate the theatre, but also to engage in the textual analysis of the detective story. 

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Comedy of Mistakes, a comic adaptation from Sherlock Holmes’ The Speckled Band



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All S4 students appreciating the theatrical performance in “From Page to Stage” programme




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“The drama is exceptional and phenomenal. At first glance, it was just an adaptation from Sherlock Holmes’ The Speckled Band, but the play was actually teaching us theatrical elements by deliberately ‘making everything go wrong on stage’ with hilarious consequences, so I would recommend this play for S4 students next year.”  


Coco Wong 4E