Third Time’s the Charm

Whereas this title normally means that it takes three times to succeed, our Form 3 debate team has claimed victory for the third time in a row. On the 17th March, a heated debate took place on the topic of megacities. Our team were to support the rise of cities with a population of over 10 million people. 3A Kary Ching kicked the team off, followed by 3B Chiara Pang, who claimed the prize as best speaker. Finally, 3A Denise Fung closed our team’s case with finesse and poise. Having worked for several months, the culmination of their effort amounted in a resounding success and a third win to put under their belt. Three victories in a row means our team will be proceeding to the Grand Final for the first time in True Light history. Let’s see if they can claim the last trophy.

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Form 3 Debate Team and the Team Coach Mr. Hedley

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Our debaters: (from right to left) 1st Speaker 3A Kary Ching; 2nd Speaker 3B Chiara Pang and 3rd Speaker 3A Denise Fung

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Our students worked as the Chairperson and Timekeeper for the competition