Victory for Form Three

A team of 5 Form 3 students and their coach, Mr. Hedley, culminated several months of work in a debate competition on Wednesday 20th January. Having prepared their debate speeches and practiced rebuttals, the team competed against Immaculate Heart of Mary College. The True Light team argued that Hong Kong should implement a garbage tax by 2022, with fiery arguments about the inefficacy of recycling campaigns and the need for strong action to be taken to combat Hong Kong’s garbage problem. 3A student Chloe Li stepped forward as first speaker and delivered a passionate account of the garbage problem in Hong Kong and how well a garbage tax has worked in other countries. The opposition hit back with arguments about the injustice of charging poor people for the garbage they produced, but this was no match for second speaker Chiara Pang, from 3B. Chiara rebutted the argument with eloquence through suggestions of tax exemptions, before preparing her own argument. Though time became an important factor for Chiara, the True Light team was not penalised due to the debate being conducted online. Final speaker, from 3A, Denise Fung rebutted with riposte, summarised with skill and concluded with confidence, earning her the best speaker prize. The team, along with teammates 3A Kary Ching and 3A Ophelia Wong, who had been vital in researching and writing the debate speech, revelled in their victory after intense preparation. With a 2-0 win ratio, all that is left to see is whether the team can make it to the grand final.