English Society – Lantern guessing game:

We finally shared some fun and laughter in the first activity after school resumption on 29 September. Can you guess what event was organized? You bet! That is the lantern guessing game organized by the English Society celebrating the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. There was an array of paper lanterns with many brain-teasing riddles printed on them, making the covered playground full of festive colours. One of the riddles that impressed me most was this - “Which bank has never had any money?” I’m sure all of you already know the answer! Apart from learning English with lantern riddles, students promoted communication with their peers when they discussed the riddles together. There is no denying it is an awesome event. 

Sophie Tam, 4E


In order to promote English as the language to understand cultures around the world and as the means to broaden students’ horizons, the English Society has been formed at the commencement of the year. With our committed members and devoted teacher advisors, we look forward to fostering a happy English learning environment at school this year.