S5 City Forum: Smart lamp posts – 28 November 2019

What could possibly be a better way to learn about social issues apart from reading newspapers and scrolling for feeds on social media? That’s right, voicing our own opinions. Our S5 students have experienced a city forum on the topic of “smart lamp posts”. With different S5 classes representing different stakeholders in society, namely Legislators, the Hong Kong Government, General Public, I.T Companies and Human Rights Group respectively, the forum had sparked some nerve-wrecking, intense yet hilarious moments. Being the Chairperson of the forum, Mr. Hedley directed challenging questions to various stakeholders, who had responded dauntlessly. My most memorable one was directed to the Human Rights Group, which was asked, “if citizens have nothing to hide, why do they care so much about their privacy?” It was backfired by a sarcastic but witty remark – Why should we wear clothes to cover up our bodies then? It was incredible to see the swift and deep thinking of our S5 groups when the forum ended with joyful laughs.

Polly Chow Tsz Yu 5E

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