HKSSDC Debating

The Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition 2019-2020 - Entering Finals

It has been an exceptionally encouraging year for our English Debating teams that both of our teams have made it to the Finals in HKSSDC 2019-20 Term 1. Congratulations are to our English Debating Team I, which has defeated the Concordia Lutheran School on the motion “The House would subsidise companies for the employment of ex-convicts" as the negative team on 7th November 2019. On the same day, the English Debating Team II, speaking as the affirmative team, has also won against the negative team from Henrietta Secondary School on the same motion.

We would like to thank the devoted debaters, Alice Fung (5B), Yoyo Siu (5B), Elizabeth Man (5B), and their team coach Ms Kayla Tam of the English Debating Team I; and congratulate our debaters, Tasha Lam (4E), Yan Vivian (5E) and Polly Chow (5E) and their team coach Ms Nalini of the English Debating Team II. We are also grateful to the adjudicator and the opponents for staging this fantastic debating with us.


HKTLC at Concordia

HKTLC vs Henrietta 1