RTHK Radio 3 – Teen Time Open Space

RTHK Radio 3 - Teen Time Open Space


3, 2, 1, on air! Stay tuned for Hong Kong True Light College on Teen Time - Open Space in RTHK Radio 3 at 9-10pm on 10 Oct 2019.

On the 23rd of September 2019, Samantha, Audrey, Polly and I went to Kowloon Tong and had a recording on an RTHK radio show. We were welcomed by very professional equipment with buttons everywhere and microphones with pop filters on. We were all amazed with our jaws dropped. The host of the radio show, DJ Alyson Hau, greeted us with a friendly smile and we introduced ourselves. We were invited to share about a topic that every adolescent can relate to, social media.

When we entered the recording room, the first thing that caught our eyes was the professional devices and facilities in the studio. That actually would stress anyone out, but it impressed us when we stepped on the sound-proof carpet! Once we all sat down, Alyson told us to take a deep breath dramatically, which made us feel like warming up as the actresses on the Broadway.

Before the actual recording, we were given a chance to have a small discussion among ourselves without Alyson’s help as a warm-up. It was all awkward and we looked at each other as if struggling with ‘who’s going to speak’. It was worrying from how unnatural it was. After the warm-up, it was the show time. This time, Alyson was joining in our conversation. Amazingly, as the professional joined in, we started to relax and without knowing, we were back in a normal conversation. What a professional she was to pull us all together! We talked about issues that can affect teens from social media, the benefits of social media and so on. Even though Alyson is not in the same generation with us, she was relatable and could catch up with the trends. After rounding up the topic, we said our goodbyes to Alyson and left with satisfaction. 

This is definitely a remarkable experience for me. Improvising in front of a famous DJ, knowing that everything you say is going to be broadcasted, I was pretty petrified but it was totally rewarding. I’m immensely thankful to our teachers for giving us such a chance to represent our school and share our views on issues all teenagers can relate to.

Vivian Yan 5E


If I have to choose a moment that I enjoyed the most, it must be the moment when we were talking about memes and all laughing about it. I would consider that this visit and the recording nerve-racking but lots of fun. During the recording, there were a lot of laughs as each of us had burst out a lot of jokes. We can’t wait for everyone to hear that on air.

Polly Chow 5E

During the recording, there was no script. It was difficult for me to think of the answer in English immediately but I was surprised that I did it. Alyson was very good at interviewing, creating an easy, cosy vibe and giving us confidence to speak. It's an eye-opening experience to hear our voice and our views in a professional studio at RTHK.

Samantha Cheng 4B

After this experience, I feel very fortunate because only four students could go to this programme and I got a chance to do so. During the speaking, I felt very nervous and terrified of making mistakes and messing up the whole thing, but at last all was well. I now understand that speaking should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Audrey Ah-kion 4B



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