2019 True Light Consortium A Summer in Britain… a lifetime of experiences

2019 True Light Consortium
A Summer in Britain… a lifetime of experiences


I had the most enjoyable time this summer holiday. Along with our sister’s schools, we spent an extraordinary two weeks in various cities in Britain. Together we had experienced the culture, history and cuisine in this magnificent part of Europe.

It was a unique experience living in a British household. I shared my accommodation with a schoolmate at a host family. It was a family of five, including a spirited kitten named StormCloud, which slept with me almost every night. Not only had we brushed up our spoken English, we also learnt to appreciate the hospitality and the customs of the country.

Attending the summer school there was more exciting than expected. We had drama, poetry, writing and much more. The students there were so welcoming so I had no cultural shock at all. We learnt at school as well as from each other. We were busy chatting away on our different ways of living and our local trends whenever we had a recess or at lunch time!


The excursions covered almost all landmarks I had read about in books. Since this had been my first time in Britain, I was all psyched up to soak in every detail. The highlight for me was to watch the musical Wicked in London. The British Museum and Hampton Court Palace were even more breathtaking than what I had seen on television. It was really fun to travel by the “tube” - a British colloquial for Underground trains, an equivalent to the MTR in Hong Kong - to Covent Garden for shopping. I bought loads of cheese and tea (I was told tea is the lifeline of the British!) to share with my friends and family.

It was indeed an honour to be in the same place where Xu Zhimo, a romantic poet in the 20th century, wrote the world famous poem “Taking Leave of Cambridge Again” at Cambridge University. I had taken so many photos as I regarded this as one of the unforgettable moments of my life thus far.

We also went to Brighton in East Sussex. Of course we wouldn’t miss the chance of visiting the historical Royal Pavilion, a Grade 1 listed building in the United Kingdom, which was the former Royal Palace in the 19th century. From a spot even higher than the London Eye, the panoramic view from the Observation Tower at the West Pier was spectacular.


This summer in Britain has definitely proven to be an impressive eye-opener. I did a lot of reading and research on the history of this great empire for the rest of my holiday. I can’t wait to visit her again!

Cheung Tin Nam 3B