S1 Oxbridge Summer Camp 2019

In August, all S1 girls embarked on their English learning journey at our College with the fun-loaded and exhilarating programme led by professional and enthusiastic instructors from the Oxford and Cambridge University. Instead of burying their heads in books, students experienced English as a communicative means in a range of activities from STEAM activities to drama performance. Both students and teachers enjoyed the week of learning and laughter, and all participants learned a great deal from the experience.


I think our class participated very well in the week. We all enjoyed the time in this fun-filled and action-packed camp.

- Chow Ngo, 1A

The camp was a fun icebreaker for me and other students. The most important thing I learnt was that learning could be fun and enjoyable.

- Mary Mikfung Thewe, 1A


My favourite part was the drama in which our group made a story about aliens, zombies and a unicorn! This summer camp was really fun and unforgettable. I hope there will be some activities like this in the future.

- Jessica Zheng, 1A

We learned a lot of drama types like comedy, action and fantasy. It was hard but by this, I learned more in this camp.

- Nicole Chan, 1B

I enjoyed the experiment called “egg drop”. We needed to drop the egg from the third floor to the ground using only newspaper to protect the egg. Funny things happened and we all laughed. I enjoyed the camp very much.

- Wendy Kwong, 1A


Throughout this camp, I felt more confident and sociable and I even made some friends! I really enjoyed the activities. 

   - Precious Sit, 1A