English Festival 2019

English Festival was taken place in the week of 8th Apr to 12 Apr 2019. The theme of this year was Girl Power. Students participated in various activities including S5 Video Battle, Yoga Challenge, HIIT Workout, Giant Scrabble and War of Voices. All the girls enjoyed the activities and had fun while they were using English.


Yoga is for all bodies and mind. We can gain power and find our balance after a session of yoga practice. We are very lucky to have the registered yoga instructor Miss Andy Lam to share with us some basic yoga steps and breathing techniques. All participants including our teachers had a wonderful relaxing time! Our yoga instructor Miss Andy Lam It may be the first time for some of our students to try yoga!


HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training) was another activity that was held during English Festival. Thank you our teachers, Miss Isabella Wong and Ms Kawai Yeung, all the participants had a great time challenging themselves both physically and mentally.


Giant Scrabble Inter-house

Giant Scrabble Competition was an opportunity for our girls to gain their brain power. Representatives of different houses, including teachers, all came down to the volleyball court to join the wonder word game.


War of Voices

Highlight of the week was the War of Voices. It was a karaoke battle between teachers and students. All English teachers took part in the battle. Students had to work very hard in their English lessons so to get a ticket to bring one of their friends to the Hall. The whole Hall was full! The songs that the teachers and students sang in the battle were about the theme “Girl Power” including Roar by Katy Perry and How Fat I’ll Go from Moana. The dramatic performance of Let it Go by 4B was genius and hilarious! Everybody had a blast in the event.