English Activities

S6 Interschool oral practice – 21Nov2023

On the 21st of November, students from HKUGA College were invited to our school to participate in an inter-school English oral practice with our form six students. Two rounds of group discussions and individual responses were completed with English teachers from both schools as markers, who offered very useful tips and let us know what we have to improve and strengths




As one of the participants, I was immediately humbled by the HKUGA student’s communication strategies. While some students did not have the most fluent English, they were all extremely organized and capable of conveying their ideas eloquently. I, on the other hand, was nervous and struggled to find the right vocabulary to express myself. Through the way they presented their points, I could tell they had more experience than I had had, but I still managed to stay calm and continue the discussion. This oral practice truly opened my eyes to how skilled students from outside my own school could be. Realizing my own speaking skills were not as good as I had imagined, I was inspired to spend more time speaking and reading English to improve myself. Above all, this activity provided me with a valuable chance to test my speaking skills and I had a great time interacting with those students too. 

6E Fung Hiu Yu Denise


Rarely can we have a chance to have oral practice with other school’s students. Through this event, grouping with UGA students helped me to improve my communication strategies, build up my confidence speaking to strangers, giving me greater faith and making me feel more secure when I need to face the DSE public oral exam with the experience. If someone asks me for a suggestion to improve speaking skills, I will definitely say interschool oral practice. A nice, open, friendly group discussion with other school fellows can really enhance your skills and build up confidence rapidly!


6E Cheong Yan Wai Olivia




I’d not felt nervous before the practice, but the nervousness kicked in right when I sat down and had to start talking. “I wasn’t just talking with friends from the same class!” That thought lingered at the back of my mind throughout the practice and somehow hindered my performance. Despite the butterflies in my stomach, I had gained a new tip from the teacher in the other school, who reminded us that we wrote too much on the notecard and forgot the key in oral exams, communicating. She advised us to stop writing after 5 minutes during the preparation time so as to prepare ourselves to actually listen and reply to others’ points. I’m happy that was reminded of the tips that I had overlooked in the practice. 


6E Wong Yuet Ching Phoebe

The First victory with our Senior English debating team

On 19th October 2023, our senior debate team 4B Rainbow Chau, 4E Chara Yip, and 4B Ali Tsui, led by their team coach Mr. Hedley and Mr. Au, won their first match of the year with the affirmative side. Students worked hard and beat the team of STFA Cheng Yu Tung Secondary School on the motion ‘This house would require the unemployed to participate in community work to be eligible for social welfare.’

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-26 at 1.35.59 PM

Before the debating competition, I was very nervous and nearly cried. Although this was my third time being the concluding speaker, I was still afraid of messing up.


When it was my turn to conclude the affirmative team’s argument, I felt a heavy weight hovering over my shoulders. As the third speaker, I generally speak for 3 minutes to deliver two to three rebuttals and a conclusion. Due to nerves, I was only able to speak for 2 minutes and 46 seconds, which barely passed the minimum requirement of 2 minutes and 45 seconds. I was worried that my performance might make our team lose. My teammates, Chara and Rainbow, noticed my emotions and comforted me.


When it came to the result announcement, to my surprise, we won and Rainbow was awarded the best speaker. Our team had a tough fight, as the situation was not in our favour, but we strived to do our best. This debating competition was truly a roller coaster, but I also learned that when life presents a challenge, there are always people supporting you. I want to thank Mr Hedley, Mr Au, and my teammates’ support and encouragement. Thank you!

Tsui Yuen Tung Ali (4B14)


It was certainly not an easy feat, considering we were up against formidable opponents. As the first speaker, I strived to stay calm and aim for the best. Even though I stuttered a lot and made a few mistakes during the nerve-wracking 3 minutes and 13 seconds, I believed I delivered reasonable arguments supported by logical evidence. My teammates also showcased effort and responded swiftly to challenges from our opponents. In the end, we were thrilled to know that we won and that I was awarded the best speaker.


This competition was an exciting and euphoric experience. I wish to express my gratitude to Mr Hedley and Mr Au for their guidance along the way. I look forward to our second debating competition which will be very soon.

Chau Wing Kwan Rainbow (4B04)

Champion – PolyU Invitational English Speech Contest

On the 7th of October, 5B Mary Mikfung Thewe attended the PolyU Invitational English Speech Contest. After 3 weekends of training provided by PolyU, the final involved poetry reading, persuasive speaking and impromptu speaking in three successive rounds. After each round, the top 50% were allowed to move onto the next round. Facing off against 50 students from 25 different schools in Hong Kong, Mary claimed the prize for best poetry reading and overall champion for the whole competition.



Champion: Mary Mikfung Thewe (Hong Kong True Light College)

1st Runner-up: Lin Wei Xin (St. Paul’s Co-educational College)

2nd Runner-up: Sung Hei Yan, Christopher (Victoria Shanghai Academy)

Individual Category

Poetry Recitation: Mary Mikfung Thewe (Hong Kong True Light College)

Persuasive Speech: Sung Hei Yan, Christopher (Victoria Shanghai Academy)

Impromptu Speech: Lam Chung Ching (Lai King Catholic Secondary School)


‘A mountain of emotions welled up in me as I heard my name being called to the centre of the stage. To become champion was surely not something I was expecting, yet to say I was happy would be the understatement of the century.


Initially, I was not planning to win. I had always been insecure about my public speaking skills and never thought I was good enough. But as the training workshops progressed and I met many incredible people who had their own drive and passion, it pushed me to want to be as good as them. My motivation to work as hard as I could grew day by day, and it was not going to stop.

I learnt many things during the contest, like being a better public speaker, thinking on the spot, and manipulating language to fit how I want it to. Yet the most impactful lesson the contest taught me was confidence, not only on the stage but in life. I found myself coming out of my shell more and not fearing what others thought. I no longer cowered in front of my insecurities, but learnt to embrace and soon overcome them.


The task of writing a good-quality script in the span of two weeks was definitely the most daunting part of the contest. Often, it takes me months to complete a speech script that I am satisfied with, hence, my boundaries were certainly being tested. Yet due to this short time frame for preparation, it taught me to manage my time better, something I used to be terrible at. It also taught me to write more clear-cut and in a more organised fashion, which is a valuable skill to possess.


Overall, I had the time of my life participating in the contest and I will hold all the memories of it dear to my heart.’ – 5B Mary Mikfung Thewe

S3 Beach Clean-up – 2023 Oct 13

On the 13th of October, we went to the Shek O Back Beach for an English activity. When we heard this news, we were feeling shocked and confused at first. We didn’t expect to have fun there, but this experience changed our views. We went there by a school bus. After around half am hour, we arrived. The guide led us to the Back Beach and there was lots of rubbish on the beach. After listening to the instructions, we started to clean up. During the process of cleaning, we actually found that we had a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it. Wind blew and the sound of the sea made us relax. Although we just worked for an hour, the results were surprising. We collected 143kg of rubbish! The whole activity was meaningful and we loved it. In this activity, we have learnt that protecting the Earth’s environment is really important. As a member of the Earth, we all have the responsibility to keep the Earth clean and make a better living for everyone. The sea is beautiful and we shouldn’t destroy it.


3A Annie Koh Wai Yan



S4 Mooncake Drive

After a restful summer holiday, the English department kicked off the school year with the Mooncake Drive activity as we approached the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Festival is not only a time for family reunions and mooncake indulgence, but it is also an opportunity to extend our care and support to those in need. In the Mooncake Drive activity, our S4 students took charge of organising the mooncake donation campaign for the organisation — FeedingHK, an organisation dedicated to reducing food waste and feeding the underprivileged members of our community. 


To promote the mooncake donation activity, the S4 students designed infographics and did presentations in classrooms to raise awareness for the grave issue of food wastage. Students also set up dedicated collection points around the school premises to receive mooncake donations, encouraging everyone to contribute by donating excess mooncakes. Students, parents, and staff came together to contribute generously.


In form four, we participated in an activity called the ‘mooncake drive’. To promote this activity, we had to present in front of different forms about this project, hoping to motivate the students to donate their mooncakes! “Little things matter”, by engaging in this together, we can make a huge impact on the reduction of food waste.
Even though I felt a bit nervous when doing the presentation, I’m glad that I had the chance to partake in this event. I was happy with how our presentation turned out to be. I even gained more awareness for social issues on food waste and climate change during and after the project.

Yip Ho Ching, Chara 4E


Through the mooncake drive project, I have learnt about how serious the issue of food wastage is in the world and how we can help the world with some easy actions. I’ve also learned how to make infographics and organise different data, which I can also use in the future for other subjects if needed. Stating the information and adding different images to the poster is so fun! I was very nervous about the presentation because it was my first time presenting it in front of other schoolmates, but this was such a fun learning experience.

Ip Hei Tung, Renee 4E


Mooncake drive photo 01

S4 students presented in classrooms of all levels to appeal to support

Mooncake drive photo 02

Posters and infographics designed by S4 students to raise awareness on food waste


Mooncake drive photo 03

Students and staff, including the Principal, supported the mooncake drive, donating surplus mooncakes

S4 Feeding HK visits

On 18 Sep and 5 Oct, groups of S4 students visited a local food bank, Feeding HK, an organisation dedicated to reducing food waste and redistributing donated food to the underprivileged. Apart from learning about the history and operation of the NGO at their warehouse, students volunteered as a labour, learning how to sort out and group donated food based on expiry dates and packing surplus food donated by supermarkets and manufacturers into goody bags, which will be redistributed to the needy grassroots. Gaining satisfaction from their meaningful work, students learned deeply that there are lots of people who need their help in the community, fostering their sense of commitment to care about the community.


This is a meaningful and rewarding experience for us. Working as a team, we cooperate and communicate with each other, making friendships. We also understand how serious the food waste and hunger problem is in our society. Corporates would throw away even perfectly fine and delicious ice creams by tonnes – luckily they were donated to the food bank and offered to volunteers as a complimentary treat! Moreover, it helps the community to reduce food waste and tackle the problem of overflowing landfills, reducing carbon emissions to alleviate climate change. This visit is an unforgettable memory for us.

Li Yeuk Ching, Katie 4B


In the visit, we learned about Feeding HK’s mission, and we were actually involved in food packaging, which benefited us by making us learn the importance of division of labour when we were assigned different roles. I learned what the actual work a food bank does, teamwork and also got some surprising rewards (an ice cream!) after our experience of ‘labour’. As happiness lies in helping others, I felt happy and satisfied in the voluntary work. That’s a meaningful experience! 

Lau Wing Sum, Isis  4B


feeding hk pic 01

Students learned about Hong Kong’s food waste problem and the operation of the food bank 

Feeding hk photo 02

Taking up different roles in packaging donation bags taught students about teamwork

Feeding hk photo 03

Big smiles on teachers’ and students’ faced showed the joy of volunteering

Feeding hk photo 04

A meaningful and enjoyable visit to Feeding Hong Kong – Feed People not Landfills!

Summer English Experience

This summer, our S1 students attended a three-day intensive Summer English Experience. In order to help our newly enrolled S1 students adapt to the English learning environment, we invited a group of highly experienced and enthusiastic native English-speaking instructors to enlighten our S1 students the way to learn and have fun in an English classroom.


In six groups, students not only gained more English vocabulary, but also explored the use of English as the everyday classroom language and started to make use of English for academic studies in subjects like Mathematics and Life & Society, through interactive learning tasks and games. With the guidance from the instructors, the Experience days were successfully completed with laughter and joy.


In August, I participated in the Summer English Experience. Before the Summer English Experience started, I felt anxious since I was worried I wouldn’t understand what the teacher said. Although I was nervous, I tried to answer the questions anyway. After the summer English class started, I thought the teacher was actually very nice. She taught me a lot of English vocabulary. When I didn’t understand some words, she explained them to me patiently. She taught me some Maths terms in English too since most classmates learned Maths in Chinese in primary school. I also made some friends in the class. In the Summer English Experience, I felt over the moon because I learnt a lot. Finally, I want to thank the teachers for teaching me so much.

Fung Ching Tung, Zuri 1A


In the summer holiday, I joined the secondary one English bridging course. At first, I felt a bit nervous because I am very unfamiliar with this secondary school.


During the course, I found that the teacher who taught us was very funny and kind. Also, she played a lot of fun English games with us. The English bridging course was a memorable experience. It helped me learn a lot of English knowledge and I look forward to learning more about English at True Light!

Wong Hei Tsing, Janice 1A



SSE photo 01

Classes were led by experienced and enthusiastic native English teachers

SSE photo 02

Students learned how to use English in everyday classroom activities

SSE photo 03

Students learned how to use English in everyday classroom activities

SSE photo 04

Instructors taught students academic English vocabulary in different subjects

2023 True Light Joint-School MWS Toronto Language Camp

From the 9th to 29th of July, our students embarked on an unforgettable trip to Canada. During their stay at the Victoria College of The University of Toronto, they had the opportunity to explore the city and countless attractions while enhancing their English skills through immersive and interactive lessons, creating a unique and enriching experience for all.


Upon arriving in the city, the students were introduced to a vibrant culture that was different from Hong Kong. From the iconic CN Tower to the charming Kensington Market, they witnessed the beauty of Canada. Apart from sightseeing, the students participated in English lessons organised by MWS Camps at Victoria College in the University of Toronto, immersing themselves in the language and gaining a deeper understanding of foreign culture. In addition, they were able to form lifelong memories and friendships by meeting people from countries all over the world such as Mexico, Taiwan, and Portugal.


The Canada trip was truly a captivating experience for the students. Not only did they have an incredible time, but they also learned lessons about the language and different cultures. This trip is sure to have a lasting impact on their personal and academic growth.


Before going on this Canada study tour, I had looked forward to visiting different tourist attractions or simply experiencing the feeling of living by myself. However, after these 21 days, I have learned so much more than I expected. I would like to thank my school for giving me this valuable opportunity and unique summer experience. I promise to use the knowledge and experience I have gained on this study tour to shine brightly as a True Light star upon the others.

Leung Pui Yung, Jasmine 3A


Toronto photo 01

Students visited the Royal Ontario Museum, the largest museum in Canada.

Toronto photo 02

Our student took a photo with her camp counsellor on the last day of camp.

Toronto photo 03

Students enjoyed their time in Canada’s Wonderland, an amusement park located in Toronto.

Toronto photo 04

Students enjoyed their time in Canada’s Wonderland, an amusement park located in Toronto.

LumiVoce Story Writing Competition


3B Ka Yan Tung attended the award ceremony at Hong Kong Maritime Museum on 25th June


In May, my classmates and I joined the LumiVoce Story Writing Competition. We were assigned to write a creative story about protecting and saving the ocean. I wrote a story about a turtle reincarnating again and again due to sea pollution and when I did my research, I was surprised at how serious sea pollution is and how much it is harming the sea creatures. The process of brainstorming and deciding the plot was very enjoyable. I had so many ideas in my head that I couldn’t decide on what exactly to write about. I believe I may join next year’s story writing competition to challenge my creativity and writing skills. To our greatest pride, five of my schoolmates even got recognised for their excellent writing and gained prizes in the competition.


Congratulations to the winners in the contest!

Wan Lok Tung 3A




3rd place



Best Technique Award



Excellence Award



Excellence Award



Excellence Award



Read their winning stories here:


Gold Award – The 15th English Radio Drama Competition 2023

The 15th English Radio Drama Competition is organized by Smart Education Charitable Foundation and sponsored by SCOLAR (Standing Committee on Language Education and Research). There are over 500 teams joining this year’s competition. Joining the competition, students need to create their own radio drama, from writing playscript to sound effect-making and even perform the radio drama on stage. A radio drama is an acoustic performance using only your voice and sound effects. It is surely an unforgettable experience for both the performers and audience.


This year, our team of five 1B girls was crowned as the champion with the Gold Award in the 15th English Radio Drama Competition on the 10th of June. The team was led by Ms. Miranda Li, who has guided the students to prepare the script, create all sound effects and perform the radio drama live on stage at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Despite being the youngest team among all secondary school finalists, our S1 girls managed to impress the judging panel with their creativity and performance on the topic “Fifteen Years Later”, defeating strong opponents from Hong Kong and Macau.


Congratulations to both Ms. Li and the team for their outstanding performance!


For more details about the competition and event highlights, please visit www.MySmartABC.com/drama 

Watch their live performance here.


The Gold Award for the Secondary Section goes to… Hong Kong True Light College!


Team members

1B Cheung Ka Ying Denise

1B Drummond Hannah Martinez

1B Kwan Wing Nam Michelle

1B Lee Yin Man Emi

1B Ma Ka Wai Jovie



The five S1 girls, Denise Cheung, Michelle Kwan, Emi Lee,

Hannah Drummond and Jovie Ma (from left to right), ready to perform their radio drama
at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University


eng20230613c eng20230613d eng20230613e eng20230613f

Students thanked their parents for being supportive