English Activities

Gift redemption days, July 2022

To encourage all students to actively participate in English activities, we have launched a stamp collection initiative in the English Activities Award Scheme in which students can collect stamps from the English Society after their participation. The most rewarding activity of the year should surely be the gift redemption days when students came to pick their favourite rewards from a year of active participation!


Students picking and choosing from baskets of gifts on the gift redemption day


Sharing the joy of gifting and learning in English with the English Society with your buddies


Canadian English Writing Competition 2022 Final (Arch Cup)

Canadian English Writing Competition 2022 (Arch Cup) is a scholarly competition that includes all primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong. After three rounds of elimination in October, December, and May, 13 of our students secured their places in the final competition with the results of 3 gold awards, 4 silver awards, and 6 bronze awards in the semi-final. Eventually, in the final contest taken place in July, five of our students got recognised by their outstanding writing skills with 1 gold award, 1 silver award and 3 bronze awards among all elite finalists.


Results for the Final: 


Lam Yu Kwan Yolanda 

Gold Award (Top 10%)


Cheng Man Chi Gigi

Silver Award (Top 20%)


Chung Tsam In

Bronze Award (Top 30%)


Fung Hiu Yu Denise

Bronze Award (Top 30%)


Cheung Tin Nam Tina

Bronze Award (Top 30%)


We are also proud that the concerted efforts of our talented writers have further brought recognition and glory to our school, which was crowned as the Secondary Division School Champion in the Arch Cup live Semi-final Competition based on the total scores of all participants. Congratulations!


Sharing by the writer of the Gold Award:

Top 10% in the final – that is quite an unexpected, pleasant surprise for me. My school results may not be top of the crop. Yet, I am glad to be encouraged to participate in this competition, which has proved English is not only about the score on the report card, but a tool to communicate and to connect people all over the world. Most of the topics in this competition are social issues or controversial topics for debate. When working on an essay, live in the contest arena, I found English is no longer a scoring tool, but the exquisite receptacle that carries your intricate ideas. Maybe, as my schoolmates said, my English has flaws and mistakes. Still, the imperfection does not prevent me from channeling my thoughts in English, and I am too grateful to be rewarded by the Gold Award from the English Association of Asia as recognition of my competence as an effective communicator in English. 

Therefore, I highly encourage students not to care too much about how others or yourself could have judged you, as only you and your achievements can define yourself.


5E Lam Yu Kwan Yolanda

& [......]

Harvard Book Prize 2022

The Harvard Book Prize is awarded to exceptional S5 students who have accomplished academic excellence and have made impactful contributions as responsible members of society. On 27th of May, we were honoured to receive the Harvard Book Prize Essay Awards after joining the Harvard Book Prize Scholarship Competition. The ceremony was held at the Catholic Ming Yuen Secondary School and as one out of eleven semi-finalists in Hong Kong, Anna had an opportunity to be interviewed by the judges about her thought process while writing her essay. Later, she had photos taken with the judges and other semi-finalists for this prestigious award. Along with their certificates, the three winners of our school, 5A Anna Chan Jour-Yain, 5A Nicole Chan Cheuk Yu and 5E Sally Po Tsoi Nam, received a book entitled The Present by Spencer Johnson, which is about a man’s journey as he faces challenges during unprecedented changes just like how we have adapted to a “new normal” during this pandemic. As the semi-finalist, Anna has been invited to join the Harvard Mentorship Program and benefit from the meeting and learning from their alumni in Hong Kong. 


5A Anna Chan Jour-Yain, the award semi-finalist, and the judging panel of the Harvard Club of Hong Kong.


5A Anna Chan was awarded the book prize with her teacher advisor, Ms Yeung.


Fittingly, we were asked to write an essay on a particular topic, experiencing alienation during the pandemic. We agreed that the contest was not an academic burden nor a waste of time, but in fact, it made us contemplate serious issues in our society and deepened our thinking. We believe that joining this writing contest has broadened our horizons and enhanced our writing skills. Overall, it was an invaluable opportunity to share our thoughts and receive constructive feedback from the judges.

In the end, we would like to express our gratitude to our English teacher, Ms. Yeung, who provided us with enormous support and guidance throughout this nomination process. As well, special thanks to Mr. Hedley who accompanied us to the ceremony, and we would like to thank the school for giving this priceless opportunity to participate in a contest hosted by such a widely-recognized institution.

5A Anna Chan and 5E Sally Po


You can check out Anna’s winning essay through here.


5E Sally Po and 5A Nicole Chan with their teachers Ms Yeung and Mr Hedley.


MI Young Writers Awards 2022

MI Young Writers Award 2022 is an annual English writing competition that aims to foster and recognize excellence in English writing by providing students with the opportunity to develop their expressive talents and creativity. This year, 2A Chow Ching Shun Lydia from the Junior Section, 5A Wong Tsz Ching Ada and 5E Lam Yu Kwan Yolanda from the Senior Section had their essays selected as the Top 50 essay among all Hong Kong contestants with the topics “Should smartphones be allowed in school?” and “If you became a social media influencer, what would you post about?” Congratulations to Lydia, Ada, and Yolanda for their achievements.


2A Chow Ching Shun Lydia and her teacher Miss Lam.


5A Wong Tsz Ching Ada (left) and 5E Lam Yu Kwan (right) with their teacher Miss Yeung.


You can read their winning essays through the following links: 

(“Should Smartphones be Allowed in School?” by Chow Ching Shun Lydia)
(“Being an Inspiring Social Media Influencer” by Wong Tsz Ching Ada)
(“An Influencer, how?” by Lam Yu Kwan Yolanda)


73rd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

This year, forty students ranging from S1 to S5 participated in the 73rd Speech Festival hosted by the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association. This annual event provided students with an opportunity to gain confidence in performing poetry and prose in English. As well, students were able to raise their English speaking standard through this experience.


Congratulations to the following students who were awarded 2nd and 3rd places in their respective categories.



Cheung Tin Nam, Tina

2nd place in S5 Girls Solo Verse Speaking


Lam Yu Kwan, Yolanda

2nd place in S5 Girls Solo Verse Speaking


Leung Ka Yu, Katie

3rd place in S1 Girls Solo Verse Speaking


Chung Ching Ting, Tiffany

3rd place in S5 Girls Solo Verse Speaking


Phagami Eva 

3rd place in S1 Girls Solo Prose Reading


Also, congratulations to all participants who received Certificates of Merits and Proficiency! We hope this event can encourage more students to join next year.


1A Eva Phagami received 3rd place in the S1 Girls Solo Prose Reading.


5E Tiffany Chung received 3rd  place in the S5 Girls Solo Verse Speaking.


1A Katie Leung also received 3rd place in the S1 Girls Solo Verse Speaking.


The HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest 2022

This school year, selected students from Secondary 2 joined the annual HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest 2022 hosted by the HKFYG Leadership Institute. To prepare for the contest, students attended evening workshops on November 24 and December 1 at the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building. It was an invaluable experience for students to get an opportunity to enrich their public speaking skills and share their speeches in front of their peers from different schools.

After the workshops, students entered the competition drafting their own speeches on a self-selected topic. Our students chose topics ranging from artificial intelligence to cloning to even the art of procrastination. On March 4, it was announced that 2B Melanie Wong and 2A Chara Yip had advanced to the District Semi-Finals with their captivating and relevant topics, the benefits of learning different languages and the implementation of VR in lessons, respectively. 

Yip Ho Ching, Chara 2A27

Certificate of District Semi-Finalist

Wong Yi Ching, Melanie 2B25

Certificate of District Semi-Finalist

Sherchan, Raeka 2A18

Certificate of Good Performance

Fung Hiu Nam, Hannah 2A10

Certificate of Participation

Chow Ching Shun, Lydia 2A08

Certificate of Participation

Wong Hoi Wing, Holly 2A25

Certificate of Participation

Ip Hei Tung, Renee 2B13

Certificate of Participation

Congratulations to all the participants!


Reflections from:

2B Melanie Wong

This year, I joined the HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest. I was astonished and almost cried when I received the notice that I had been admitted to the District Semi-Finals as I didn’t expect that I would enter the Semi-Finals. I am usually full of dread when it comes to having to speak in front of people, especially strangers. However, through this experience, it boosted my confidence and improved my speaking habits. I have learnt the skills of how to change the tone of voice and body language, for example, by using hand gestures and facial expressions.

My speech is about the benefits of learning different languages. It is about the benefits and the importance of learning new languages. It helps us connect with other cultures, improves our memory and boosts our confidence.

2A Chara Yip

I participated in the HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest this year. It was a lot of fun, and a crazy experience since I was not expecting myself to get into the Semi-Finals of the contest. When I attended th [......]

Championship in HKSSDC Junior 2021-22

Working tirelessly over the Christmas holidays, the S3 debate team pulled together to face off against a fierce opponent in the term 1 final of the Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition(HKSSDC). Charged with the topic “This House would allow negative advertising by companies against their competitors,” 3A Nicole Chan, 3A Jasie Chow and 3A Mary Mikfung Thewe argued fervently for negative advertising. With a very close match, the Hong Kong True Light College team managed to pull ahead and secure victory, becoming the champion of 2021-22 Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition Junior (Div II) (HKI & NT) Term 1 Final. Further sweetening the triumph, 3A Jasie Chow was awarded the best speaker of the match. As they proceed onto the second term, and hopefully the Grand Final, let’s all wish them the best and encourage them in their work!


During their regular training, the Junior Debate Team took their moment to celebrate their victory.


First win in Term 2 in HKSSDC Senior Team

Covid can stop us from going to school, but not from learning together. Although the epidemic has brought the holiday earlier, the HKSSDC debate competition was still held in the form of zoom. On the 30th of March, 5A Nicole Chan, Anna Chan and Tina Cheung, led by their team advisor, Ms. Yeung, defeated Tsung Tsin College in the motion “This house will deny smokers access to public healthcare.”


Participating in this competition as the chairperson this time, I felt the tremendous efforts of the debaters in this nerve-wracking match. I admire that our experienced debaters still put forward various arguments and evidence. Finally, impressed by their clear team line and good rebuttals,  the adjudicator announced that they won in this debate competition. Even though I wasn’t a debater, I learned some valuable debating skills from the adjudicator’s deliberations and their perfect teamwork. Congrats once again for their hard work paid off, and I look forward to the debate team continuing to be victorious.

- 5E Sophie Tam



A University Taster – Webinar on Language and Culture

To help our S5 students to identify their interests and experience a diversified range of undergraduate programmes, our school invited Dr. Charlie Ng to give a webinar to us.\


The webinar was held on 7th April 2022. The guest speaker, Dr. Charlie Ng, is the Assistant Professor of HKMU Department of Humanities, Language and Translation. We invited Dr. Ng to give a talk on how students can learn English through culture. Through this webinar, students learned two of the cultures, British and American. We were impressed by how the speaker related British culture with its iconic cuisine, like afternoon tea and yorkshire pudding; while American culture Hollywood movies including The Searchers and Forrest Gump.


Besides talking about culture, Dr. Ng has introduced some of the courses in HKMU. It is a good chance for our students to know more about university courses, curriculum designs and different universities.

Also, it breaks our stereotypic understanding about learning English, which is not just about learning vocabulary and grammar. Understanding the cultures from other countries can also benefit us and make the learning process more interesting and enjoyable.

All students were delighted and enjoyed this webinar. This is definitely an awesome experience for all of the students!

5E Coco Wong



After the webinar, we took a picture together to commemorate this moment.


HKFYG “Speaking for All” Workshop

To let us gain more speaking skills and techniques through popular culture, the English Society invited the HKFYG Institute for Leadership to organize a workshop revolving around cultural myths. Instructors came from different countries, such as Chad, Singapore, Indonesia, France, Venezuela and the United States. About 50 of our S2-S5 club members participated in this workshop.


Instructors of the workshop came from all over the world.


On 15th April, we joined a workshop called “Speaking for All”. The host, Jey, who came from Singapore, started the workshop with some warm-up activities on Mentimeter, such as asking us how we felt at that moment and our views on different topics. The activity successfully narrowed our distance between each other despite being on Zoom since all of the responses were accepted by the host and participants. The students could enthusiastically express their thoughts and feelings. Thus, this activity encouraged students to participate in a safe and inclusive environment.


Interactive warm-up activities on Mentimeter.


After that, we were divided into different groups. We used sticky notes or images on Jamboard to share our knowledge about fascinating countries. Since each group leader came from a different country, they shared special facts about his/her native country, such as the country’s signature food or other aspects of their popular culture. We deepened our understanding of the diverse cultures and learned to respect cultural differences to develop our worldviews. Thanks to the high participation of students during this sharing, students could actively express their views using various methods while being held accountable for  their responses.


Sharing fascinating knowledge about different countries.


Moreover, some group leaders shared some myths and legends from countries like Venezuela and Chad. Through this sharing, we gained knowledge about the more unfamiliar aspects of Venezuela and Chad. After listening to the sharing, it was our turn to share our myths and legends from Hong Kong and China. As most of our myths and legends were common ones that we have heard before, it put us at ease in sharing what we knew through storytelling. During this process, the group leader invited us to share our opinions on our myths and legends, such as Chang’e Flying to the Moon, to everyone. This particular part of storytelling allowed us to practice the use of English and build up our confidence in communicating in English.


We were sharing the myths and legends (Chang’s Flying to the Moon).


After attending this workshop, students could understand that learning English is not just all about the DSE, but also connecting with others from different parts of the world. English Society is really committed to or [......]