English Activities

The HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest 2022

This school year, selected students from Secondary 2 joined the annual HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest 2022 hosted by the HKFYG Leadership Institute. To prepare for the contest, students attended evening workshops on November 24 and December 1 at the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building. It was an invaluable experience for students to get an opportunity to enrich their public speaking skills and share their speeches in front of their peers from different schools.

After the workshops, students entered the competition drafting their own speeches on a self-selected topic. Our students chose topics ranging from artificial intelligence to cloning to even the art of procrastination. On March 4, it was announced that 2B Melanie Wong and 2A Chara Yip had advanced to the District Semi-Finals with their captivating and relevant topics, the benefits of learning different languages and the implementation of VR in lessons, respectively. 

Yip Ho Ching, Chara 2A27

Certificate of District Semi-Finalist

Wong Yi Ching, Melanie 2B25

Certificate of District Semi-Finalist

Sherchan, Raeka 2A18

Certificate of Good Performance

Fung Hiu Nam, Hannah 2A10

Certificate of Participation

Chow Ching Shun, Lydia 2A08

Certificate of Participation

Wong Hoi Wing, Holly 2A25

Certificate of Participation

Ip Hei Tung, Renee 2B13

Certificate of Participation

Congratulations to all the participants!

Reflections from:

2B Melanie Wong

This year, I joined the HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest. I was astonished and almost cried when I received the notice that I had been admitted to the District Semi-Finals as I didn’t expect that I would enter the Semi-Finals. I am usually full of dread when it comes to having to speak in front of people, especially strangers. However, through this experience, it boosted my confidence and improved my speaking habits. I have learnt the skills of how to change the tone of voice and body language, for example, by using hand gestures and facial expressions.

My speech is about the benefits of learning different languages. It is about the benefits and the importance of learning new languages. It helps us connect with other cultures, improves our memory and boosts our confidence.

2A Chara Yip

I participated in the HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest this year. It was a lot of fun, and a crazy experience since I was not expecting myself to get into the Semi-Finals of the contest. When I attended the public speaki [......]

Championship in HKSSDC Junior 2021-22

Working tirelessly over the Christmas holidays, the S3 debate team pulled together to face off against a fierce opponent in the term 1 final of the Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition(HKSSDC). Charged with the topic “This House would allow negative advertising by companies against their competitors,” 3A Nicole Chan, 3A Jasie Chow and 3A Mary Mikfung Thewe argued fervently for negative advertising. With a very close match, the Hong Kong True Light College team managed to pull ahead and secure victory, becoming the champion of 2021-22 Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition Junior (Div II) (HKI & NT) Term 1 Final. Further sweetening the triumph, 3A Jasie Chow was awarded the best speaker of the match. As they proceed onto the second term, and hopefully the Grand Final, let’s all wish them the best and encourage them in their work!


During their regular training, the Junior Debate Team took their moment to celebrate their victory.


First win in Term 2 in HKSSDC Senior Team

Covid can stop us from going to school, but not from learning together. Although the epidemic has brought the holiday earlier, the HKSSDC debate competition was still held in the form of zoom. On the 30th of March, 5A Nicole Chan, Anna Chan and Tina Cheung, led by their team advisor, Ms. Yeung, defeated Tsung Tsin College in the motion “This house will deny smokers access to public healthcare.”


Participating in this competition as the chairperson this time, I felt the tremendous efforts of the debaters in this nerve-wracking match. I admire that our experienced debaters still put forward various arguments and evidence. Finally, impressed by their clear team line and good rebuttals,  the adjudicator announced that they won in this debate competition. Even though I wasn’t a debater, I learned some valuable debating skills from the adjudicator’s deliberations and their perfect teamwork. Congrats once again for their hard work paid off, and I look forward to the debate team continuing to be victorious.

- 5E Sophie Tam



A University Taster – Webinar on Language and Culture

To help our S5 students to identify their interests and experience a diversified range of undergraduate programmes, our school invited Dr. Charlie Ng to give a webinar to us.\


The webinar was held on 7th April 2022. The guest speaker, Dr. Charlie Ng, is the Assistant Professor of HKMU Department of Humanities, Language and Translation. We invited Dr. Ng to give a talk on how students can learn English through culture. Through this webinar, students learned two of the cultures, British and American. We were impressed by how the speaker related British culture with its iconic cuisine, like afternoon tea and yorkshire pudding; while American culture Hollywood movies including The Searchers and Forrest Gump.


Besides talking about culture, Dr. Ng has introduced some of the courses in HKMU. It is a good chance for our students to know more about university courses, curriculum designs and different universities.

Also, it breaks our stereotypic understanding about learning English, which is not just about learning vocabulary and grammar. Understanding the cultures from other countries can also benefit us and make the learning process more interesting and enjoyable.

All students were delighted and enjoyed this webinar. This is definitely an awesome experience for all of the students!

5E Coco Wong



After the webinar, we took a picture together to commemorate this moment.


Canadian English Writing Competition 2022 (Arch Cup)


Canadian English Writing Competition 2022 (Arch Cup) is a scholarly competition that includes all primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong. After two rounds of elimination, 14 of our students secured their places in the Semi-finals with with the results of 1 gold award, 4 silver awards, and 9 bronze awards.

canadian list

IMG_0529 (1)3A Fung Wing Laam Coyee gaining the Gold Award in the contest


IMG_0527Students with Silver Awards


IMG_0522Students with Bronze Awards


S5 and S6 Inter-class Oral Practice

The S5 and S6 inter-class oral practice took place in the school hall on 22 Oct and 29 Oct respectively. Our students were divided into groups to discuss different topics about society, in hopes of enhancing their speaking and deep thinking skills.




The S5 and S6 inter-class oral practices were held on 22 Oct and 29 Oct respectively.


This has been my first practice with other classes. I was glad to have this experience as it gave a great opportunity to practise more and interact before our DSE with other classmates that we are not familiar with. It gave a boost to my confidence to the next level, out of my comfort zone. Just like the strangers that we meet in the DSE speaking exam, some of them might have amazing speaking skills; some might have a different accent. I am grateful for having this formal practice.

5A Tina Cheung


The inter-class oral practice has offered me a golden opportunity to practise speaking with different classmates whom I am not familiar with like in the public exams. Most importantly, it allowed me to know my shortcomings and learn from mistakes. In our daily oral practice, as we are familiar with our classmates, we may not feel nervous. It is difficult to fully simulate the DSE situation. However, the inter-class oral practice allowed us to practise with different schoolmates and be examined by other teachers. It helps me practice in a more realistic exam setting.

6B Tiffany Lau



Students exchanging ideas through discussions optimizes their deep thinking and speaking skills.


S3 Interclass Debating Competition

On 22 Oct, the S3 interclass debating competition was held in the True Light Hall. Representatives from each S3 class debated on the motion ‘This House would allow students to bring their own electronic devices to school’, with Nikita Yau (3D), Chole Lam (3C) and Karen Lo (3D) on the Affirmative Team; and Helia Yeung (3B), Mary Thewe (3A) and Cheryl Li (3B) on the Negative Team. After some intense debate with both teams presenting supportive arguments and evidence, the Negative Team was declared the winner, with Helia Yeung named the Best Speaker Award. 


Let’s see what her thoughts on this debating experience are:


The form 3 inter-class debating competition was an unforgettable and valuable experience for me because this was my first time joining a debate competition and I had to get well prepared with my negative teammates within 3 days. It was hard to get very well prepared but luckily my teammates helped me a lot and I also got a lot of good advice from my classmates and my English teacher. I enjoyed working with my teammates during the preparation period and making the rebuttals with them. We believed that our effort would get repayment so we worked really hard and tried our best to make it perfect. We all rejoiced when we won the competition and I was honoured to be the best speaker of this competition. I wish to thank everyone who pitched in to making it a great event.

- 3B Helia Yeung



The S3 Interclass Debating Competition was held on 22 Oct 2021.





The Negative Team, Cheryl Li (3B), Mary Thewe (3A), and Helia Yeung (3B) (from left to right), taking a photo with the adjudicator, our vice-principal Mr Chu.



Debating optimizes students’ deep thinking skills through the research and argumentation.


HKSSDC – First win for Debating Team I



HKTLC Senior English Debating Team I on their first victory, 18 Oct 2021


The new academic year has just started for a month, but our English debating team has already had a fantastic start for this year – we won in the first round of the debate competition for term one!

  Like last year, the debating competition was held on Zoom due to Covid-19. On the 18th of October, led by Ms. Yeung and Ms. Cheung as our team coaches, our team comprising 4E Denise Fung, 5A Nicole Chan, and 5A Anna Chan defeated Po Leung Kuk Ho Yuk Ching (1984) College in the debate on the motion “Esports should be added to the Olympics”.

  That was a real toss-up. We had good evidence and organization, and so did our opponents. To our joy, we won in the competition, and Denise Fung was named the best debater.

 Despite the short preparation time, I am impressed that we could do this well in the competition. It was a wonderful experience to me, and I am thankful for having worked with two brilliant teammates who practised their speeches well and for the excellent teamwork and communication between us.

  We look forward to having a debate competition face to face and another chance to debate against different formidable opponents!

Nicole Chan Cheuk Yu, 5A


As a new member of the senior team, I helped as the researcher but not as a speaker in our first match, which gave me the best spot to spectate the entire competition, awed by our debaters who spoke very confidently throughout the whole competition. Their strong arguments and statistics have successfully convinced the adjudicator with our team case, who declared our debating team the winner by beating the affirmative team. This also brings our first victory in the year. My congratulations are to the speakers and to Denise Fung, who was named the best debater in the competition. It was such a memorable debate competition to kick off the year and I’m looking forward to another victory in the next debating competition. 

Kary Ching Ka Nam, 4B


4B Kary Ching, 5A Anna Chan, 5A Nicole Chan, 4E Denise Fung and their team coach, Ms Cheung (left to right)



Speed Counting Game, 20 Oct 2021

On the 20th of October, the English Society held the first English activity ”Speed Counting competition” in the English corner after school. The English Corner was filled with excitement and laughter from participants from different forms, who needed to challenge their reflexes and English speaking by pointing to and naming the number in the correct ascending order in a randomised grid simultaneously. It only took the winner 38 seconds to point out the numbers from 1 to 30 (while the slowest count might take more than a minute…)! All of the students who participated had fun in this activity, especially when chanting for Mr. Ho, our very special guest, who could not help joining our contest hearing our laughs. Only participants who were there could witness his game live and I shall leave this to your imagination for how the Mathematics teacher performed in the number-counting game…

Congratulations to 4B Maggie Yeung for winning this competition! I am looking forward to seeing more students (and teachers) joining the next English activity held by the English society.

Kary Ching, 4B


Students practising in groups to challenge each other


The real challenge on the screen was nerve-racking for both students and the teacher alike. 


An exhilarating and fun-filled afternoon for all participants


S1 Summer Theatre 2021

In early August, our S1 students attended a three-day intensive drama workshop. In order to help our newly enrolled S1 students adapt to the English learning environment before the start of the school year, we had the pleasure to have a group of highly experienced and enthusiastic instructors from a professional native-speaking theatre to enlighten our S1 students the way to interpret play scripts, embrace the art of dramas and give a professional drama performance.

In four groups, students explored both drama and our campus facilities that are specially-designed for stage performance and English-learning activities. Each group was assigned with a dedicated play script, including Arion and The DolphinTheseus and the MinotaurAthene and ArachneKing Midas and His Golden TouchAntony and Cleopatra, and Phaedra. With the guidance from the instructors, the drama workshop was successfully completed with laughter and joy.

            All instructors and students enjoyed their time at the Performance Theatre in the three-day workshop.

Before reading and acting out the play scripts given, students from different groups participated in different warm-up games for ice-breaking and preparing themselves for better voice projection and body movements.

            Group 4 students participated in the drama activity named Frozen Pictures, in which they created the scene of an altar and a palace with their gestures and postures.

The instructors introducing the elements of a play script and going through the play scripts together with our S1 students

One of the venues was the Performance Theatre, where students enjoyed different lightning effects and a huge screen on the wall as the stage background.



After the workshop, students were asked to fill in a reflection sheet on what they had gained from the workshop and their opinions. Here are the reflections of some S1 students:

I liked the Summer Theatre because I was given chances to make new friends and try out new things such as making good use of the stage space, preparing our own props and following stage directions while acting. I hope I can perform a drama on stage like this again!

  • Seana Helynn 1A

My English speaking has improved a lot during these several days because the instructors were all foreigners. We had to speak in English all the time. I am happy that I had a chance to improve my English speaking and that I could make new friends even though we all had to chat only in English.

  • Zhu Tsz Kwan, Alice 1A

We played many interesting games in the workshops like zip-zap-zup. My favourite part was the game, Kitty Wants A Corner. When the instructor said “Kitty wants a corner”, we had to respond by sayin [......]