English Activities

S5 City Forum: Smart lamp posts – 28 November 2019

What could possibly be a better way to learn about social issues apart from reading newspapers and scrolling for feeds on social media? That’s right, voicing our own opinions. Our S5 students have experienced a city forum on the topic of “smart lamp posts”. With different S5 classes representing different stakeholders in society, namely Legislators, the Hong Kong Government, General Public, I.T Companies and Human Rights Group respectively, the forum had sparked some nerve-wrecking, intense yet hilarious moments. Being the Chairperson of the forum, Mr. Hedley directed challenging questions to various stakeholders, who had responded dauntlessly. My most memorable one was directed to the Human Rights Group, which was asked, “if citizens have nothing to hide, why do they care so much about their privacy?” It was backfired by a sarcastic but witty remark – Why should we wear clothes to cover up our bodies then? It was incredible to see the swift and deep thinking of our S5 groups when the forum ended with joyful laughs.

Polly Chow Tsz Yu 5E


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S4 Personality test – 7 Nov 2019

I have a vivid imagination… I have a soft heart – Agree or disagree?  Our S4 students have spent an afternoon with Mr Hedley and their English teachers to find out who they are. Listening attentively and responding to Mr Hedley’s list of personality test questions, students have learned about different personality traits and about themselves.


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S3 Busking

On 24 October, our S3 students have learned English through language arts and popular culture, in which they enjoyed a workshop on busking, the arts of street performance, with their teachers.


This has been the first time I met the new NET Mr Hedley. He had some challenges for us by asking us to research and present a busking group. Even though my groupmates and I were all very shy and I found it hard to give a presentation with such a short period of preparation time, we managed to do so under teachers’ encouragement and students’ support. We hope to do better next time.

Jenny Wong Hoi-ki, 3C



HKSSDC Debating

The Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition 2019-2020 – Entering Finals

It has been an exceptionally encouraging year for our English Debating teams that both of our teams have made it to the Finals in HKSSDC 2019-20 Term 1. Congratulations are to our English Debating Team I, which has defeated the Concordia Lutheran School on the motion “The House would subsidise companies for the employment of ex-convicts” as the negative team on 7th November 2019. On the same day, the English Debating Team II, speaking as the affirmative team, has also won against the negative team from Henrietta Secondary School on the same motion.

We would like to thank the devoted debaters, Alice Fung (5B), Yoyo Siu (5B), Elizabeth Man (5B), and their team coach Ms Kayla Tam of the English Debating Team I; and congratulate our debaters, Tasha Lam (4E), Yan Vivian (5E) and Polly Chow (5E) and their team coach Ms Nalini of the English Debating Team II. We are also grateful to the adjudicator and the opponents for staging this fantastic debating with us.


HKTLC at Concordia

HKTLC vs Henrietta 1









S2 Origami: The Art of Paper-folding

On 10 October, our S2 students experienced the Japanese art of paper-folding, Origami, by following given English instructions. [......]

Harvard Book Prize Award Ceremony

As one of the many winners for the Harvard book prize, I feel honored for being able to join such a grand ceremony with some of my fellow schoolmates in celebration of our achievements in the essay competition at Diocesan Boys’ School on 20 September. [......]

RTHK Radio 3 – Teen Time Open Space

3, 2, 1, on air! Stay tuned for Hong Kong True Light College on Teen Time – Open Space in RTHK Radio 3 at 9-10pm on 10 Oct 2019. [......]

The Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competitions 2019-2020

Another year of fierce inter-school debating competitions has begun. Our English Debating Team II has kicked off the year with a victory against Aberdeen Technical School on the motion “Co-education at secondary school level is a good idea” on 26 September. [......]

S1 Tongue-twister challenge

“Cross a coarse, cross cow across a crowded cow crossing…” On 2 October, the English corner was filled with laughter when our S1 students were learning about pronunciation with Mr Hedley by engaging themselves in the tongue-twisting challenge. The student winner Erica Li (1A) even challenged Mr Hedley with her favourite tongue-twister.

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2019 True Light Consortium A Summer in Britain… a lifetime of experiences

A Summer in Britain… a lifetime of experiences [......]